Recipes are a feature based on Elam's culinary prowess in The Heroic Legend of Arslan anime series. It allows players to cook dishes that provide temporary power-ups in battle. Recipe books are scattered throughout different stages in Story Mode and become more effective as their mastery level rises.


Effect Description
Increased Health Increases maximum health.
Increased Attack Increases attack.
Increased Defense Increases defense.
Heal Recovers health when an attack hits.
Heal+ Recovers health when defeating an enemy.
SP Heal Recovers the special gauge when an attack hits.
SP Heal+ Recovers the special gauge when defeating an enemy.
Increased Attack Speed Increases attack speed.
Increased Attack Range Increases attack range.
Bonus Gold Boosts amount of gold earned.
Bonus Experience Boosts amount of experience earned.
Ally Assist An ally will assist under certain conditions.

Recipe ListEdit

Image Recipe Cost Effects
Bread Recipe (AWL) Bread 1,000 Increased Health
Description: Small, bite-sized bread. The perfect travelling companion.
Requirements: Escape from Mt. Bashur
After breaking through the Checkpoint, go en route to the Escape Point.
Lamb Skewers Recipe (AWL) Lamb Skewers 1,000 Increased Attack
Description: Pieces of lamb, skewered and then roasted. Open wide!
Requirements: The Queen's Escape
Defeat the officer with the key to open a specific gate.
Tomato Soup Recipe (AWL) Tomato Soup 1,000 Increased Defense
Description: A rich tomato soup that will warm you through and through.
Requirements: Confrontation with Kharlan
Break a specific object before initiating the fire attack.
Salt Bread Recipe (AWL) Salt Bread 2,000 Increased Health
Description: Hard bread laced with just the right tang of salt.
Requirements: Encounter with Silver Mask
Break a specific blockade.
Stewed Chicken Recipe (AWL) Stewed Chicken 2,000 Increased Attack
Description: Chicken stewed slowly over a low flame. Melts in the mouth.
Requirements: The Villagers' Plight
Save all the villagers.
Bean Soup Recipe (AWL) Bean Soup 2,000 Increased Defense
Description: A bean-based soup with a full-bodied, rich flavor.
Requirements: Escape to Kashan
Defeat all the messengers.
Thin Bread Recipe (AWL) Thin Bread 3,000 Increased Health
Description: Thinly baked bread with a crispy outside and soft inside.
Requirements: The Schemes of Hodir
Climb to the kind of high spot that Elam would love.
Meat & Veg Spits Recipe (AWL) Meat & Veg Spits 3,000 Increased Attack
Description: The perfect balance of roast meat and veg! How many can you eat?
Requirements: The Reluctant Guardian
Have Arslan move up quickly and close off the enemy advance.
Potluck Soup Recipe (AWL) Potluck Soup 3,000 Increased Defense
Description: A soup with a bit of everything, including meat and vegetables.
Requirements: The Rescue of Alfarid
Climb the cliff and then quickly advance.
Tomato Stew Recipe (AWL) Tomato Stew 6,000 Heal
Description: Nutritious vegetables, stewed in a delicious tomato broth.
Requirements: Across Enemy Lines
Quickly defeat the enemy located in a specific tower.
Salad Recipe (AWL) Salad 4,000 SP Heal
Description: A fresh vegetable salad. All it needs now is some dressing!
Requirements: Reunion at Peshawar
Quickly cross the river and defeat the messenger.
Pomegranate Stew Recipe (AWL) Pomegranate Stew 4,000 Heal+
Description: A sweet-and-sour stew made using pomegranate paste.
Requirements: Encounter with Hilmes
Break a specific blockade.
Vegetable Sticks Recipe (AWL) Vegetable Sticks 2,000 SP Heal+
Description: Healthy sticks cut from fresh vegetables. Eat with a tasty dip.
Requirements: Capture of Rajendra
Complete all of the Engineers' operations.
Distilled Liquor Recipe (AWL) Distilled Liquor 6,000 Increased Attack Speed
Description: Don't drink too much, or you'll regret it the following morning.
Requirements: Battle of Kaveri River
Defeat the Supply Unit before they escape.
Mixed Nuts Recipe (AWL) Mixed Nuts 2,000 Increased Attack Range
Description: A selection of mixed nuts. The perfect snack... for squirrels.
Requirements: Skirmish at Gujarat Fortress
Save all the Cavalry Lieutenants within a set period of time.
Fruit Cider Recipe (AWL) Fruit Cider 6,000 Ally Assist
Description: The perfect fruity drink to serve when throwing a banquet.
Requirements: Capture of Gujarat Fortress
Quickly defeat Govind after he comes down from the cliff.
Sherbet Recipe (AWL) Sherbet 4,000 Bonus Gold
Description: A cold and delicious dessert made using cooked fruit.
Requirements: Battle at the Fields of Chandigarh
Defeat a specific Unit that appears along with Gadhevi.
Fruit Platter Recipe (AWL) Fruit Platter 4,000 Bonus Experience
Description: A generous platter of fresh fruit, including apples and grapes.
Requirements: Duel Before the Gods
Defeat a specific Archer Unit during the allied army's escape.
Butter Rice Recipe (AWL) Butter Rice 3,000 Increased Health, Increased Attack
Description: Rice enhanced with the enticing fragrance of rich butter.
Requirements: Recapture of Rajendra
Defeat all Fire Attack Units attempting to set fires.
Bone-In Meat Recipe (AWL) Bone-In Meat 3,000 Increased Attack, Increased Defense
Description: Meat cooked while still on the bone. Hold on tight now!
Requirements: Siege of Zabul Fortress
Defeat the Archer Unit on top of the cliff.
Cabbage Wraps Recipe (AWL) Cabbage Wraps 3,000 Increased Health, Increased Defense
Description: Meat and veggies wrapped in cabbage and stewed to perfection.
Requirements: Raid of the Sorcerers
Defeat many of the thieves that appear on the top of the fortress.
Sweet Herb Fish Recipe (AWL) Sweet Herb Fish 9,000 Bonus Gold, Bonus Experience
Description: Fish roasted after being sprinkled with sweet herbs. Wonderful!
Requirements: Subjugation of Chasoom Fortress
Reach the Intercept Point with Balhai still alive.
Meat Stir Fry Recipe (AWL) Meat Stir Fry 6,000 Increased Health, Increased Attack, Increased Defense
Description: A generous mix of meat and veg. Simple, yet beyond compare.
Requirements: Skirmish at the Keep of Saint Emmanuel
Defeat the Supply Unit before they escape.
Stuffed Veggies Recipe (AWL) Stuffed Veggies 9,000 Increased Health, Increased Attack, Increased Defense
Description: Vegetables stuffed with meat and then roasted. Full flavored!
Requirements: Siege of the Keep of Saint Emmanuel
Kubard must save all allied officers.
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