Ayame - SW3
Character Information
Clan(s)/Alliance(s): Murasame (before his corruption)
Unit Type: Unique
Significant Battle(s):
Murasame Village
First Appearance: Samurai Warriors 3

Ayame (あやめ) is a supporting character in the Murasame Castle Mode for Samurai Warriors 3. She is an original character who takes inspiration from the damsels in distress who appeared in The Mysterious Murasame Castle.

Role in GameEdit

Takamaru first meets Ayame while rescuing her from Murasame's minions. Claiming to be a simple villager, she notices the gem the heroes have in their possession and mentions a legend that is tied to it. She meets Takamaru and his partner later in their travels and further elaborates on the myth, which states that the wielder of all four gems will receive godly powers. In reality, she is being manipulated by Lady Momosame who uses her to trick Takamaru. After the castle lord is defeated, she reverts to her normal self. She has no memory of what has transpired and Takamaru protects her as they journey to Murasame Castle.

As she travels with him, she explains she is the priestess of the Murasame Shrine. Murasame was a benign beast that protected her village but became corrupted by an unknown force. Her ancestors sealed Murasame in a statue and split his power into four crystals and kept them hidden. As a priestess, she focuses the entire village's spiritual power on the statue to keep him contained. Reaching her village, they find that everyone has been turned to stone, but their desire to seal Murasame still lives on inside their stone bodies. Ayame volunteers to stay within the village and focus all of their powers to weaken Murasame.

Character InformationEdit


Ayame is a kind and knowledgeable young woman who is willing to help the greater good. She is devoted to helping those in need whenever possible despite lacking the capability to defend herself in combat.

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Ai Maeda - Samurai Warriors 3 (Japanese)


  • "Ah! Help! Somebody, please!"
  • "Are you here to help me?"
  • "Thank you, kind stranger."
  • "Ah! That's an interesting jewel you have there."
"Oh this? It's-"
"Never mind; it doesn't matter. It just reminded me of the legend of the jewels. It's an old story they tell around here."
~~Ayame and Takamaru