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Allegiance(s): Pars
Cavalry General
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Bahman (バフマン) is a secondary character in The Heroic Legend of Arslan and a non-playable character in Arslan: The Warriors of Legend.

He is the eldest of Andragoras's cavalry generals who is reputed to be the finest veteran in the Parsian army, next to his good friend Vahriz. He was once Hilmes's mentor and learned Arslan's real heritage from his friend shortly before the main narrative. Both princes cause him grief by asking for his allegiance to them at Peshawar Castle. After much pondering, Bahman pledges himself to Arslan yet he dies fighting against Gadevi's spear shortly afterwards. Countless soldiers salute his bravery.

In every animated adaptation of the novels, Bahman dies shielding one of the princes during Hilmes's lone infiltration of Peshawar Castle. The OVA series has him guard Hilmes from Kishward while the TV series has him protect a defenseless Arslan from Hilmes. Vahriz's letter is instead a request for Bahman to protect Arslan rather than informing him of the prince's birth. Bahman voices his fondest wishes to the younger prince in his dying breaths.


Bahman is a wall of muscle who is unmoved by anything but his own convictions. Since he is a fair and devoted soul, the princes' simultaneous proposal troubles him. He feels attached to both heirs, Hilmes for their fond past together and Arslan for his budding potential. Once he sees how far Hilmes has fallen, however, Bahman sadly places his faith in Arslan. He has faith the boy will someday mature into a true king.


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