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Bai Chang
Character Information
Allegiance(s): none
Initial Weapon:
Tiger Fang Spear
167 cm (5'6")
54 kg (119 lbs)
First Appearance: Fengshen Yanyi 2
Voice Actor(s):
Mythological Information
Real name: Bái Chàng
Chinese/Japanese: 白唱
Also known as: Hakushou
Baek Chang (백창)
Divine name(s): n/a
Original character.

Bai Chang is Ziya's childhood friend and his first companion in Fengshen Yanyi 2.

Role in Game[]

Known by the village to be "tied to the hip", Bai Chang has been with Ziya for as long as any of the boys can remember. He accompanies his friend as a voice of reason, reminding his friend to always heed the village elder. When their village is attacked by monsters called Savage Beasts, Bai Chang promises to protect Ziya on their journey to find the cause.

As they return to close the gate where Li Lan first appeared, Ling Ya Xian is there to stop them. Ziya recklessly charges the Nine Dragon member and is knocked aside by the man's brute strength. Bai Chang distracts the brute by throwing his weapon at him yet he is defenseless against the beating he receives from Ling Ya Xian afterwards. After Ziya, Li Lan and Taigong Wang defeat Ling Ya Xian's monsters, a dying Bai Chang passes away in Ziya's arms. He is buried on the same cliff he died with his hat placed on top of his grave marker.

Later in the game, Ziya can initiate an optional quest to prove his strength to the departed Bai Chang by slaying nine Savage Beasts in consecutive order. When Ling Ya Xian is defeated, Ziya is relieved to finally avenge Bai Chang. He reunites with his spirit in Emperor Ling's realm. Ziya pleads for his friend to return to the real world, but Bai Chang rationalizes that he can't since he's dead. Sincerely accepting his friend's lingering guilt, they bid one another a fond farewell.


A level-headed contrast to Ziya, Bai Chang is the cautious type who doesn't like to rush into danger. Nevertheless, he acts like Ziya's big brother and is always looking out for his friend. Ziya later admits that Bai Chang is the more talented of the duo and that he has never won anything over him.

Fighting Style[]

Bai Chang is basically a slower version of Ziya. He has a longer reach with his attacks and is a good support character for Li Lan. Although he doesn't stay for very long, he is useful in the time given to him.

The super combination attack with Ziya, Li Lan and Taigong Wang briefly features him during its execution.