The bear saddle in Dynasty Warriors 7

The Bear Saddle (熊鞍) is one of the rare saddles that the player can obtain in Samurai Warriors 3. Two players can ride the large bear at once and it features a unique riding moveset for it (similar to the elephants in the Dynasty Warriors series). While it boasts a greater ramming attack and defense than Matsukaze, it is also the slowest mount in the game.

How to UnlockEdit

  • Samurai Warriors 3: Defeat the 54 tanuki scattered throughout the Murasamejo Mode using the Nightmare difficulty setting. Players will obtain the bear's saddle and can ride him the next time they select a stage.
  • Dynasty Warriors 7: Purchase from the merchant when he appears in town.
  • Dynasty Warriors Next: In the Anti-Dong Zhuo Coalition Campaign chapter, capture "Changan" under the Hard or better difficulty.
  • Warriors Orochi 3: Play the Battle of Yamazaki on Chapter 3 with Zhang He, Nemea, or Guo Jia in the main party on Hard or higher. Earn 1,000 K.Os to trigger the rare item report.


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