Beau Billingslea (born September 1, 1953 in South Carolina) is an American voice actor who has also done both TV and film acting. After graduating from high school, he was given the opportunity to play baseball with the Kansas City Athletics due to his outstanding prowess in sports. However, he turned this offer down in favor of going to law school at the University of Connecticut on a football scholarship. It was during that time he started working as a professional TV actor before doing dubs for foreign films. He also went on to join the military at some point and became a Judge Advocate General. His vast experience and serious work ethic have helped him land a multitude of roles in various forms of media like movies and video games. He has sometimes been credited as Beau Billingsley, John Billingslea, and John Hammond.

Because of his natural deep tone, Billingslea often performs as older male characters. He also incorporates the experience he gained in the military with most of his assigned roles as demonstrated by his voicework as Jet Black in Cowboy Bebop. Among his other well-known roles are Giovanni Bertuccio in Gankutsuou, Homura in Naruto, and Barret Wallace in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. On a side note, he has also narrated several shows including those from the History Channel.

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