Character Information
Allegiance(s): World Government
April 20th
35 (debut)
37 (after timeskip)
258 cm (8'5½")
Devil Fruit:
Doa Doa no Mi
His body
Six Powers
Voice Actors:
Seiji Sasaki
First Appearance:
Non-playable character.

Blueno (ブルーノ) is a member of CP9, an organization of the World Government created with the authority to kill any who oppose the law. He is the fourth strongest member of the group. As one of the undercover agents at Water 7, he posed as a bartender. Blueno is the one who abducts Robin and takes her to Enies Lobby, one of the three main headquarters of the World Government.

When the invasion of Enies Lobby commences Blueno is the first CP9 member to fight. He attempts to intercept Luffy's infiltration from the compound's roof. He defends the roof with the best of his abilities but is ultimately defeated by the pirate captain's Gear Second technique. Blueno is the one who later saves his comrades from sharing Enies Lobby's destructive end.


Blueno is constantly taciturn and calm. He often wears an unchanging, blank expression on his face which rarely fluctuates. He may seem quiet, but he can be talkative with quite informative yet impassive meanderings.


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Fighting StyleEdit

Blueno's specialty is the Iron Mass technique within the Six Powers. He has an indomitable defense which he relies on to null the blunt of assaults. He has surprising speed which belies his giant figure. His Devil Fruit allows him to create doors onto any surface he desires, be it on an object or a person's body parts. Blueno can even create doors from the air itself. These doors can open as stealthy passageways through hammer space, instantly teleporting people who enter it to another location.

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