Bon Clay
Bentham Pirate Warriors
Character Information
Allegiance(s): Baroque Works (formerly)
Newkama Land
August 15th
238 cm (7'9¾")
Devil Fruit:
Mane Mane no Mi
Okama Kenpo
His Devil Fruit powers
32,000,000 Beli
Voice Actors:
First Appearance:
His real name is Bentham.
Non-playable character.

Bentham (ベンサム) or Mr. 2 Bon Clay (Bon Kurei) is the cross dressing member of the criminal organization Baroque Works. When he was first introduced, he fought against the Straw Hat Pirates using his Clone Clone powers to mimic any of the crew. He eventually became good friends with Luffy. He was captured by the marines and taken along with his former boss Crocodile and one of his companions, Galdino to Impel Down.

Bentham reunited with Luffy by using the face of Zoro. During the Impel Down riot, Bentham fought to protect Luffy from the dangers of the prison. Though Luffy was able to escape, Bentham remained a prisoner and became the new "queen" of Newkama Land, a secret society for crossdressers within Impel Down.

Role in GamesEdit

In One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2, Bentham is first fighting unwillingly for the Blackbeard Pirate Alliance thanks to the Frenzy Dial. A while later, he helps Luffy out in the final battle by masquerading as Whitebeard.

In One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3, he appears in Alabasta, where he fights Sanji. In Impel Down, he helps in the escape by masquerading as Magellan to help fool the guards into unlocking the prison cells.


Bentham is a loud speaking man who believes he's a man and a woman due to his makeup. He sometimes ends his sentences with "wa yo!".

Quotes Edit

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Fighting StyleEdit

Bentham uses the kicking style he developed called Okama Kenpo. He can copy anyone's face by touching the victim.

Attack ListEdit

  • Normal Attack: Does two spinning kicks to the left, then two hand-standing kicks then does a hopping lift kick
  • Strong Attack: Hops forward kicking forward, then spins damaging enemies around him, then gracefully sweep kicks, knocking enemies away.
  • Kick Pointe: Bon Clay spins around, then kicks a wave of energy forward.
  • White Swan Arabesque: Bon Clay rapidly kicks forward, then does a hopping kick.
  • Musou: Memoirs of that Summer Day: Bon Clay spins around, then flies forward rapidly kicking enemies, then finishes with a hopping kick.
  • Taunt: Bon Clay shakes his arms, then holds his right hand up.

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