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Branwyn - Bladestorm.png
Character Information
Faction: England
Unit Type:
Weapon Type: Longbow
Significant Battle(s):
Defense of Aquitaine
Request Mission(s):
A Noble Hunt
Voice Actors:
Jan Anderson (EN; Original)
Karen Strassman (EN; Nightmare)
Akemi Kanda (JP)
Original character.

Branwyn (マーガレット, Margaret) is a fictional character featured in Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War.

Role in Game[]

Branwyn starts out as a mercenary but does not seem to be motivated by money or glory and often targets French nobles in any conflicts she participates. Her fellow mercenaries are confused by this behavior and question her reasons for fighting. It is later revealed that she has a strong desire to join the English forces, but every time she enlists they turn her down because of her young age and gender.

Eventually, Branwyn finds the perfect opportunity and follows Prince Edward's knights into battle. Despite initial complaints from his knights, Edward allows her to fight to test her skill. Once the battle is won, an impressed Prince Edward apologizes to her for the behavior of his subordinates and accepts her among the ranks of his army.

Bladestorm: Nightmare[]

In the Nightmare story segment, Branwyn is among the many officers sent to hunt down the player who they accuse of siding with monsters. Though defeated in battle, she and the others learn their mistake and gladly offer aid to clear up the misunderstanding caused by the kings of England and France. Branwyn in particular contributes to the alliance's excursion in Flanders by keeping the monster army at bay with long-range archery.

Character Information[]


Branwyn is a young and enthusiastic individual from Wales. She is confident in her skill as an archer and calls herself "Branwyn of the Bow". Her drive to overcome her status in age and gender makes her a very successful archer. She does not let failure keep her from pursuing her goal.


  • "My bow shall be of great benefit to Prince Edward!"
  • "I wonder what the Prince shall say when he beholds my skill!"
  • "Hmph, they shall see! I shall show them!"
  • "Now you shall witness what I am capable of!"
  • "You truly are pathetic. How dare you waste my time!"
  • "I do not recall petitioning your assistance?"
  • "Hmm... It seems I have acquired something of a rival on the battlefield!"
  • "This shall prove to be a challenge. Ready yourself."
  • "This is clearly too easy!"
  • "How could I be defeated by these fools?"
  • "I could do this with my eyes closed!"
  • "I have captured this bastion!"
  • "The one who strikes first is assured of victory! Attack!"
  • "Prepare yourselves... Do not let them pass!"

  • "It seems the English troops under Prince Edward are highly regarded."
"They are august, well ordered and chivalrous - the very model of knighthood."
"That is not true. They are an obstinate shower who would shun a person simply on account of her being female. Curse them! I know they would suffer me to join them were they witness to my skill!"
~~Karen, Diane, and Branwyn