Carrot (OPW4)
Character Information
Allegiance(s): Mokomo Dukedom
Battlebeast Tribe
Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance
Straw Hat Pirates
May 24th
161 cm (5'3¼")
Own body
Rabbit claw gauntlets
Voice Actors:
Kanae Itō
First Appearance:

Carrot (キャロット, Kyarotto) is a rabbit mink of the Battlebeast Tribe of Zou, as well as a member of the Musketeers. She joins the Straw Hats (as a stowaway) on their mission to retrieve Sanji from Wholecake Island, and then continues to journey with them to Wano.


Carrot is very curious about the world outside of zou which is one of the reasons she stowedaway onboard the thousand sunny, like many minks she call's human's lesser mink, she is protective of both her home and her friends and will fight to keep them safe, she likes chocolate and carrots and if anyone try's to steal any of her carrots she'll bite them to pieces the only way to calm her down is to pat her head. After what happened to her home she and the other minks vowed never to forgive jack the drought for the destruction he caused.


  • "I can keep fighting!"
  • "I hope I can help!"
  • "Heehee! I'm trying my best!"
  • "Protect the cute rabbit! Hehe, just kidding!"
  • "I won't let anyone get in my way, even youteia!"
  • "There are so many different people in the world... It's a real wonderland!"
  • "I'm not letting you have this!"
  • "Ooh, I've taken this base!"
  • "Wow! Cool!"
  • "Wow! Amazing!"



Keys Square Normal Attack • Tri Ranged AttackCircle Special TechniqueX Evade
「ONE PIECE 海賊無双4」キャラクター紹介映像~キャロット~ PS4 Nintendo Switch XboxOne

「ONE PIECE 海賊無双4」キャラクター紹介映像~キャロット~ PS4 Nintendo Switch XboxOne

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Fighting StyleEdit

All Minks are natural-born fighters, and Carrot is no exception. Like all Minks, Carrot possesses the power of Electro, a technique that allows her to channel electricity through different parts of her body to shock and paralyze enemies. Since she is a rabbit Mink, Carrot is extremely fast and agile, possessing superhuman speed and reflexes. She also has enhanced physical strength, and her increased leg strength allows her to leap large distances and glide through the air. She is well-versed in hand-to-hand combat, and her weapon of choice is a pair of gauntlets that she wears on her arms, which she can channel Electro through.

Like all Minks, Carrot is able to transform into her Sulong form when gazing at a full moon. In this form, her physical appearance changes, and her already exceptional abilities are magnified to an even greater degree.


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