Charlotte Perospero
Character Information
Allegiance(s): Big Mom Pirates
March 14th
333 cm (10'11")
Devil Fruit:
Pero Pero no Mi
Candy cane staff
Devil fruit powers
Voice Actors:
Yūya Uchida
First Appearance:
Non-playable character.

Charlotte Perospero is the eldest son of Big Mom and Minister of Candy in Totto Land. He is known for creating a lab similar to Caesar Clown's in Punk Hazard.

He first taunts the Straw Hats trapped in a book. Just as Perospero began to kick off the wedding between Sanji and Pudding, the Straw Hats begin the battle to save their cook. He also fights an intense duel against Pedro.

Role in GamesEdit

At times in the Treasure Log mode, Perospero will quarrel with Galdino over whether the wax or candy powers are superior.


Perospero enjoys the suffering of others. He also enjoys candies like his mother. Even so, he cares for the well being of Totto Land.


  • "Hmm... Who should I turn into candy first?"
  • "The odds don't look too sweet...but I don't plan on losing!"
  • "Time to get this over with."
  • "Don't make light of me!"
  • "You naive fool!"
  • "I might enjoy candy, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna get licked by you!"
  • "I guess your famed "scientific knowledge" wasn't much after all..."
  • "You're really something... I don't even think my candy could put a stop to such power!"
  • "My candy art is far superior! Sluuuurp!"
  • "Kukuku... I'll be nice to lend you a piece of my candy power."
  • "You need my skills, don't you?"
  • "Leave it to me, Mama! Hmm... Anyone who gets in the way is getting candied!"
  • "You're not as sweet as I thought you'd be..."
  • "I'll hold off on my lust for revenge...for now."
  • "Now I've gone and done it..."
  • "How dare you mess with me..."
  • "This doesn't bode well..."
  • "Think you can take my territory? Think again!"
  • "I'm not ignoring your antics any longer! Let's see how you like being turned into candy!"
  • "I'm gonna turn you into candy, and give you a good licking!"
  • "Pretty foolish of you to challenge me..."
  • "So you think you can rival Mama? Prove it."
  • "It's my little sister's fake fiance... I bet you're a strong one..."
  • "I know how strong you are...but as your older brother, I can't lose!"
  • "That...was not sweet at all."
  • "I guess I was the overconfident one..."
  • "Kukuku... That was a worthy battle."

Fighting StyleEdit

Perospero's Devil Fruit allows him to use candy like weapons. He can also turn people into candy which he tries to lick to death.

Perospero also fights with a candy cane-like staff.

Attack ListEdit

  • Perospero shoots drops of candy out of his staff at enemies.
  • Candy Man: Perospero summons a blob of candy to entrap enemies like statues, then sets his staff down to blow the targets back.
  • Candy Wall: Perospero makes a large wall of candy.
  • Candy Armor: Perospero makes an armor of candy around himself. Anyone trying to hit him will become candy statues for a period of time.
  • Perospero jumps into the air and makes droplets of candy rain down on enemies. He then comes down making a shockwave that blows enemies away.
  • Candy Slug: Perospero rides on a large slug of candy to ram into enemies.

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