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Battle of Chengdu
Chengdu in Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends
Date December 212 ~ April 214
September ~ October 263
Location Chengdu, Yi Province (present-day Chengdu, Sichuan)
Result Victory for Liu Bei, lead to the beginnings of Shu kingdom (214)
Wei conquers Shu (263)
Liu Zhang's Forces (214)
Shu (263)
Liu Bei's Forces (214)
Wei (263)
Liu Zhang (214)
Liu Shan (263)
Liu Bei (214)
Sima Zhao (263)
Deng Ai (263)

The Battle of Chengdu, or the Pacification of Chengdu (成都の戦い, rōmaji: Seito no Tatakai) in the Asian ports and Dynasty Warriors 6, refers to the series of conflicts between Liu Bei and fellow member of the same family name, Liu Zhang. After the Battle of Chibi, each kingdom went their own ways for expansion. In Liu Bei's case, he lead his troops to conquer Yi Province in the south. The battle is the first and last war campaign that Pang Tong participated in. Decades later, it served as the site for Wei and Shu's final battle resulting in Liu Shan's surrender to prevent more bloodshed.

Some games include the Battle of Jiameng Gate, a part of the series of battles that has Zhang Lu lead troops against Liu Bei. During the conflict, Liu Bei's troops encounter Ma Chao.

Role in Games[]

Dynasty Warriors[]

The battle in this series combines events from the overall struggles into one confrontation with several influences from Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Depending on the title, the area doubles as the setting for Shu's last stand.

Each version of the map has Liu Bei's army start in the south-eastern part of the map, marching westward to invade Liu Zhang's forces. The invading army surrounds the castle gates from three fronts: north, east, and south. Within one section of the path to Chengdu is often a forested area known as the Mianzhu Forest (綿竹の森, Menchiku no Mori, lit. Cotton Bamboo Forest), which is known especially in the third and fourth titles for poor visibility (to the point where in the former title, the minimap and the music is disabled before exiting it and a variable cutscene occurs at the start for the player's character commenting on either the forest being too quiet and/or being lost).

Pang Tong normally leads the first movements of the battle but is ambushed by Zhang Ren in every title, often at a narrow area of the map acting as the iconic "Luofengpo" (落鳳坡, Rakuhōha, lit. Falling Feng Bank), otherwise known as "Fallen Phoenix Hill", which was Pang Tong's death site like in the original source materials. Saving him from his death is optional, but it is often one of the conditions needed to make him a playable character.

In the third and fourth title, it's possible to have Liu Zhang surrender if he has low morale. This can be achieved by defeating all of his generals on the field and eradicating his remaining forces (the latter title must involve his generals all being defeated before Liu Zhang himself appears on the field which requires a tight-time limit). Ma Chao will appear during this battle as Liu Zhang's ally in the fourth title, where players have the choice to defeat him and convince him to join Liu Bei (but if Ma Chao is already unlocked in this specific instance however, subsequent Musou Mode playthroughs instead replace his appearance with Pang De).

The Wei, Wu, or Nanman armies in the fourth title stories can end fighting Liu Bei and Shu here. In the Wei's version, Wei Yan can defect as a possible ally if influenced by Sima Yi (but there is a chance for failure where he will refuse). Zhang Bao akin to his father will make a fearsome lone-man-stand at the southern Jin Yan Bridge (金雁橋, Kinyankyō, lit. Gold Goose Bridge), where he might prove to be a tough fight due to being in Hyper Mode. Luo Castle while protected by ballisate, can be taken by deploying battering rams that can break down the castle gates. Defeating Ma Su allows players to claim the castle and use it as a foothold to push further into Cheng Du. In the southwestern mountain roads however, Yue Ying and her Juggernauts will arrive to attack the player's allies while Guan Yu, Zhuge Liang, and Jiang Wei initiate their ambush attack. A minefield a bit more north of the southwestern routes will also be set up to hinder the player's movements. Upon reaching Liu Bei, a massive militia consisting of peasants will appear and defend their lord; defeating them has Liu Bei spout dialogue where he will not let their prayers and wishes go unanswered during his last stand.

Dynasty Warriors 5 has Liu Bei show resistance towards the plan and he will not ride his troops into battle. Unable to draw his sword against his kin, Pang Tong directs the army in his stead and heads north. He will do so unless he dies in the hills by Zhang Ren's ambush, his death invoking their leader to attack Liu Zhang and avenge him. Liu Zhang, who remains protected within the western castle on the field, cannot be reached until the army has successfully infiltrated the main keep from their three fronts. Defeating Liu Zhang with either Pang Tong alive or not, Liu Zhang gives up while being aware of how little he has effectively done for his people. Liu Bei however as he spares him, emphatically apologizes to him in person yet is determined to stay true to his ambitions.

The stage appears in Wei and Shu's stories for Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2. Shu's story involves Liu Bei taking the land from Liu Zhang. As soon as the battle starts, Pang Tong orders the allied troops to find a path to Zhang Song, and the initial map will only reveal the paths of conquered positions. If the player takes too long, Zhang Ren will suspect Zhang Song, and will wipe out the treacherous official before he can give Liu Bei the map for the province. Taking all the altars or defeating Liu Zhang will end the stage. The treasure trove of the battle is guarded by Ieyasu Tokugawa.

In Wei's story mode, Cao Pi leads the final expedition against the Shu forces who are led by Zhuge Liang. Initially, the Wei forces appear to have surrounded Cheng Du, and reach Shu's main camp with ease, but upon invading the area, the Shu forces reveal themselves throughout the map, and separate the player from the allied main camp. Once the battle begins, the player must make haste to regroup with the commander, lest surrounding officers get wiped out. There are three paths leading to the main camp. Zhong Hui will take the eastern path which is filled with long paths, but also contains much needed supply depots. Deng Ai and Zhen Ji will take the central path which involves taking multiple heavily guarded altars. The western path, though much faster to pass through, is filled with mountainous terrain which will easily drain the unit morale unless the player has already taken countermeasures. Once the Wei forces regroup, they begin pushing the battle lines until they reach Zhuge Liang. Slaying Zhuge Liang is necessary to win the battle. There are two treasure troves in the area; the western trove is located after saving the village and guarded by Magoichi Saika and the eastern trove below Shu's main camp is guarded by the Western Han Dynasty's Zhang Liang.

The version of the battle in Dynasty Warriors 6 further develops the mountainous terrain and blocks the path towards Liu Zhang with several minor gates. While the rest of the army circles north or breaks through the center, Pang Tong leads troops in the south. He is ambushed twice, once by Li Yan in the forest and a second time by Zhang Ren's troops in a narrow valley. His death will not cause an emotional reaction from the officers, but it will weaken ally morale. Players can play as the opposing side in Special, which has Ma Chao try to prove his worth to Liu Zhang's men.

In Dynasty Warriors 7, the player uses Zhuge Liang as he arrives to assist Liu Bei due to Pang Tong's death in Shu's story. Starting on the southeastern part of the map, Zhuge Liang moves forth to rescue his lord and allies at Luo Castle. He then heads through the central pass to confront Li Yan and Fei Guan as they insist on continuing to fight. Afterwards Ma Chao and Ma Dai will appear on behalf of Zhang Lu to help Liu Zhang. Fa Zheng and Zhuge Liang will then have Zhao Yun and Li Hui go to Ma Chao to convince him to switch sides. More enemy reinforcements will appear, forcing the player to assist Zhao Yun to get to Ma Chao. The latter will defect along with Ma Dai if Li Hui is escorted safely. Once the enemy officers outside of Chengdu Castle are defeated the gates will open and only Liu Zhang will remain.

In Jin's story mode, the battle is split into three parts. Part 1 begins with the player as Zhong Hui in the south-east of the Yangping Gate map. Wang Yuanji will recommend fixating a ladder to the mountain side to allow easier access to the enemy's main camp. Sima Zhao gives the player the task of clearing one of two paths to the enemy generals Guan Yi and Xing Cai. Guan Suo will arrive in defense of Xing Cai. Assisting Wang Yuanji will secure the ladder. Atop the mountain are four ballistas that must be disabled, with Wang Han guarding the center. Operating one of the ballistas will make it easier to disable the remaining ones. Once the ballistas are taken care of, a Shu assault unit will come for the main camp. The player will also need to eliminate Ma Dai's unit in the garrison. Yue Ying, Zhang Yi, and Jiang Shu's forces guard the gates leading to the main camp. The player must defeat them in order to enter the main camp. Once Yangping gate is open, defeating Xiahou Ba will end part 1.

Part 2 will begin with the player as Deng Ai to the north-east of the Luo Castle map. The player's overall objective is to break through Mianzhu to Chengdu, in order to meet up with the main unit. The north road will be blocked. The player must go down the south road by eliminating Zhang Shao who is stationed in the garrison. Once he is defeated, the Fu Castle Southern Garrison east gates will open. Advance through the mountain. Visibility will decrease due to the fog, and a specter of Zhuge Liang will appear, confusing the units and lowering morale. Zhuge Liang will vanish and reappear twice before being defeated; defeating him will dissipate the fog. Continue down the southern pass, and defeat the unit (consisting of Ju Fu, and Ji Lian) to open the Bajun Northern Garrison. The player will continue advancing toward the main camp, where a Shu assault unit led by Zhuge Shang will come towards the main camp. Defeat the two remaining assault units, and advance towards the now cleared northern path. Juggernaut units will appear. The player must advance and capture the garrison in which they're being stored. Defeat Ma Miao to capture the garrison and capture the Mianzhu Southern Garrison, where there are 4 enemy arbalests the player must destroy. The next objective the player must complete, is breaking through Luo Castle's gates by defeating the three units stationed there. Defeat Zhuge Zhan to complete part 2.

Part 3 starts off this time as Sima Zhao, with the objective of defeating two Shu forces advancing from each side towards the main camp. Archers on the east path, and catapults on the west path will make the advance difficult. Defeat Fu Qian and disable the catapults. After defeating Fu Qian, a Shu assault unit will appear and make haste towards the main camp. Do not allow Jia Chong to be defeated by taking out the advance troops. Continuing down the east path, the player must defeat Huang Hao to stop the archers. Defeat Xing Cai to open the Jiange gates and defeat Liu Shan. Command will switch to Jiang Wei and Liu Shan will retreat to Chengdu.

Shu ballistae will attack the player. Defeat Ma Dai, and take control of the ballista units. The player will encounter two catapults that must be destroyed. Yue Ying will appear with the juggernaut units. The player can use the catapults her forces. Deng Ai will appear as reinforcements along the path. The player must then defeat the surrounding Shu units. Jiang Wei will entrust Guan Suo with protecting the gate, and Jiang Wei will protect Liu Shan. Defeat Guan Suo to open Chengdu's outer gates and defeat Jiang Wei to gain access to Liu Shan who immediately surrenders.

Dynasty Warriors 8 reprises the previous installment's versions of the stage. In Shu's scenario, uncovering Zhang Ren's ambush and preventing Pang Tong's demise is necessary to access Shu's hypothetical route. In order to do so, Zhang Ren must be defeated before he can carry out to ambush. The first objective for Liu Bei's men is to take Luo Castle, doing so, causes Liu Zhang to begin panicking. Soon a report arrives that more reinforcements will arrive, but it is necessary to lower a drawbridge in order for them to participate in battle. After Luo Castle is taken, Yang Huai and Gao Pei defect to Liu Bei's side, but trap him in a garrison after showing their true colors. When Liu Bei's men begin making their way for the drawbridge, they will be ambushed, but if they are successful, Zhuge Liang will arrive to assist in the battle, bringing catapults with him. Upon reaching Chengdu's main gate, both Ma Chao and Ma Dai arrive to fight Liu Bei's men, defeating them will cause them to surrender instead. Defeating Liu Zhang will end the battle. Depending on previous decisions, Xu Shu may also participate in this battle.

In Jin's historical route, the stage acts as the final run. Sima Zhao and Wang Yuanji first head west, while Jia Chong attacks east. Ma Dai soon takes advantage of the Wei forces' attention, and proceeds to attack their camp, but is repelled. Liu Shan then steps forth, with Jiang Wei assisting, and confronts Sima Zhao at Luo Castle, but both are defeated, and withdraws back to Chengdu. As the Wei troops continue to move in, Yueying activates her siege weapons, while another detachment of Shu forces move to attack Wei's main camp once again. Moving east to defeat Yueying, Wei forces are ambushed by Guan Yinping, but she is slain in the process. Soon after, Wei forces finally slay Yueying, and continue their advance. Ma Dai reappears near the Chengdu's main gate, and charges with the Xiliang cavalry, but is killed. Guan Suo soon engages the Wei troops, while Jiang Wei orders his archers to retaliate. Guan Suo is defeated and dies, but Jiang Wei escapes, opening the path to Liu Shan. When he is defeated, the battle ends. Depending on the previous decisions, Guo Huai may also appear in the battle.

The stage serves as the first in Jin's hypothetical route, with Sima Shi leading the charge instead. Initially, the Wei forces are unable to penetrate Chengdu's gate, forcing them to develop rams by taking an eastern garrison. Ma Dai appears to stop the rams, and needs to be defeated for further progress. After the outer gate is destroyed, Liu Chen must be defeated in order to open the inner gates. Inside the castle, Jiang Wei activates the arbalests while Guan Suo and Guan Yinping launch an assault to the Wei troops from the east. To the surprise of both enemy and ally, Liu Shan appears in the south, protesting against Jiang Wei's plan for escape. Jiang Wei reappears, and sets fire in order to damage the Wei troops. Upon Liu Shan's defeat, Shu surrenders.

Chengdu reappears in Jin's hypothetical route. This time, Sima Shi is defending Chengdu castle from Shu's saboteurs. The first order is to defeat the Shu officers spreading chaos within the castle. Jiang Wei soon appears to lay siege to the castle to support the troops within. When order is restored, and the siege is lifted, Jiang Wei withdraws south to join the Nanman troops led by Meng Huo. Jiang Wei's second defeat spells the end of the conflict.

Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends gives Jin a hypothetical scenario revolving around the time of Zhong Hui's rebellion. Deng Ai and Wen Yang trapped inside the castle and have to escape from the rebel officers and Jiang Wei. If Wen Hu and Deng Zhong are rescued, then the Pacification of Bashu will be unlocked.

One of the DLC stages, Alliance with Shu starts off with Fa Zheng securing the entry points for Liu Bei's forces. He must also beat down Yang Huai and Yan Yan to get through Luo Castle. A messenger will try to warn Liu Zhang and must be stopped. After Liu Bei's forces arrive, Fa Zheng must then head to the castle to finish Liu Zhang.

For Advance on Chengdu, Xiahou Yuan leads a ragtag band to capture Chengdu. First, the Wei army must first breakthrough the front gates with rams. In the east, Yueying will have juggernauts awaiting. In the east, Zhao Yun will be deployed against the Wei forces and Fa Zheng will have arbalests to impede progress. Meanwhile, Guan Yu and his children will arrive as enemy reinforcements. Ma Dai will attempt to ambush the players in the courtyard. Once the throne room is surrounded, only Liu Bei remains.

Dynasty Warriors 9 has Chengdu as a full-fledged city with various shops, treasure chests, and a hideaway just northwest of the city due to the game's open-world design. There is also a camp within the city walls to garrison troops near where the shops are. In the early parts of the game's Story Mode, Chengdu remains largely neutral until closer to the events of the Battle of Chibi. By Chapter 7, Liu Bei decides to advance on Yi Province and Chengdu after securing the southern four counties of Jing Province as a base to invade Yi Province from, despite concern about Sun Quan wanting the area back as compensation for having carried out most of the plan that ensured the victory over Cao Cao at Chibi. After Zhuge Liang convinces Lu Su to allow them control of the counties until Liu Bei secures Chengdu, then the counties will be returned to Wu after Shu is established, Liu Bei launches the invasion with support from Fa Zheng, who felt he could no longer serve under Liu Zhang and decided to help Liu Bei take Chengdu from Liu Zhang instead. After securing Fu Castle in the north or Jiameng Gate to prevent being flanked from Hanzhong, taking out either Zhang Ren or the joint armies of Yang Huai and Gao Pei, Liu Bei splits his armies, with Zhang Fei taking Zhao Yun and Xiahouji to secure the south, gaining the support of Yan Yan when he defects to their side after seeing their strength in battle to help take Jiangyang, while Ma Dai, Huang Zhong, and others deal with the troops guarding Mianzhu Gate to the north of Chengdu and Luo Castle, convincing Li Yan and Wu Yi to surrender to their forces and defect as well. Unfortunately, during when Ma Chao leads the assault on Luo Castle, Pang Tong is mistaken for Liu Bei due to riding Hex Mark, and is attacked and killed by a large archer ambush led by Zhang Ren at the Hill of the Fallen Phoenix.

Chengdu acts as the final chronological battle for characters in both Jin and Shu. Both sides have differing goals. These include: Helping Zhong Hui and Xu Yi build pontoon bridges leading to the heartland of Shu in Wei's side and intercepting the pair in Shu's side. Nonetheless Liu Shan will surrender Shu in the hopes of finally ending the conflict that has tormented its people for so long.

Chengdu remains as the capital of the Liu Bei or Liu Shan's forces in all the DLC scenarios where its fate differs entirely. In Zhou Yu's personal DLC, Liu Bei will still seize the province as in history, but his rash declaration of war against the Wu forces leads to a full invasion of the province by the joint forces of Wu and the forces of Xiliang. In Guo Jia's DLC scenario, he will engage Liu Bei and the rest of the anti-Cao alliance. Throughout the final campaign, the other Wei strategists, now aware of Guo Jia's ailing condition, take control of the campaign and hatch multiple strategies to counter both Zhuge Liang's plots and the strength of the alliance's members. In both Cao Pi and Zhong Hui's DLC scenario, Liu Shan remains as the emperor of Shu after his father and has a more defiant stand against the invaders than in the main story. in Lu Su's DLC version, something strange with betrayal between Shu and Wu but Lu Su decided to find out the truth of this incident. The only way to do is to persuade Xing Cai and Zhang Bao, as a result the Shu army is fake and the real Shu army believes in them. The truth has revealed that the real enemy is Sima brothers, Shi and Zhao. Defeating Sima brothers will allow Lu Su and the others to speak Zhuge Liang, proving that misunderstanding was resolved. Zhuge Liang agree with Wu army to keep fighting together and they need preparation to strike Xuchang.

Warriors Orochi[]

From a chronological standpoint, Cheng Du first appears as one of the first battles in Orochi's story. Still acting as Shu's capital, the peasantry are taken by surprise by the distortion of the world. Orochi's arrival at their gates only worsens the situation and Zhuge Liang convinces Liu Bei to flee with both the people and Zhao Yun. Despite Zhuge Liang's stalling and the arrival of Meng Huo, Zhurong and the allies from Nanzhong, Liu Bei and Zhao Yun are ultimately captured, and Zhuge Liang and most of the Shu forces are forced into surrendering to Orochi in exchange for Liu Bei's life.

Following Zhao Yun's successful escape in Shu's Story Mode, the Shu forces move for Chengdu under Magoichi Saika's advice in their search for Liu Bei. To their surprise, they find Wei Yan being forced to defend himself against the forces of Yuan Shao and Yukimura. It soon becomes apparent that Yuan Shao's army has mistaken the Shu forces for ghosts, and the Shu forces are forced to defeat him to stop his siege. It later turns out that the misunderstanding was caused by Da Ji who now aimed to finish the weakened Shu forces. Once the Orochi army is defeated, Zhao Yun expresses disappointment at once again failing to find his lord but is happy to be joined by Wei Yan and the defeated Yukimura.

In the original timeline of Warriors Orochi 3, Chengdu remained as Shu's capital. Liu Bei, Ieyasu and Zhuge Liang were all within the city when the Hydra attacked them, and despite requests for reinforcements from Cao Cao, the Wei leader's troops never made it, and the Shu-Tokugawa army was immediately wiped out. Soon when the Coalition from the apocalyptic future arrived, Ma Chao's division was able to help Cao Cao lead his reinforcements to Chengdu before the arrival of the Hydra.

Knowing that the best course of action was to abandon Chengdu, the group immediately attempted to flee to Odawara Castle in conjunction to Cao Pi and Sima Yi's attack against the Hydra at Hulao Gate. On the way they also managed to capture Dong Zhuo, thus preventing his future alliance with the demons. When they reach the escape point, Susano'o tries to stop them, but is defeated by Nu Wa and allies and is forced to retreat. This allows the allied forces to escape from Chengdu and gain the Shu-Tokugawa alliance as allies.

The third map from Jin's Chengdu campaign in the seventh title is seen as Jiange. On this map, Motonari and Jia Xu are cut off from reinforcements meaning they would have to face off with Dong Zhuo and Yuan Shao on their own. To increase their ranks, they use lure a messenger to He Jin to get him to mutiny to their side. Motonari then brings one of his own messengers to meet with Yoshihisa Amago. When this incures Dong Zhuo's wrath, Yoshihisa defects. Whether optional or not, Gongsun Zan may also defect by default. Lastly while meeting with Yuan Shao, Hammerjaw tells the group that his master has no intention of siding with the Anti-Hydra Coalition. After dispersing the serpent forces below them, Hammerjaw is lured away as he secretly wants to steal Yuan Shao's lands, but is defeated. Then, Yuan Shao is convinced to side with the Coalition. With Dong Zhuo driven off the deep end, he will easily fall.

The DLC Stage, Famed Tacticians takes place here with the player's party including Xiahou Dun taking the side of Hanbei and Kanbei, the Ryōbei duo against the Shu tacticians, the Slepeing Dragon Zhuge Liang and the Fledgling Phoenix Pang Tong.

In Warriors Orochi 4, Chengdu castle has been merged with the northern portion of Itsukushima.

The first part to clean out the Wei's forces led by Cao Pi. After that all the Wu-Toyotomi alliance including Zhao Yun and Naotora must find the true intent of Zeus, but it was complicated and no other choice but to defeat him. With their victorious, the alliance welcoming Yu Jin and Li Dian as well.


Historical Information[]

After taking southern Jing, Liu Bei left the affairs of Jing to Zhuge Liang and Guan Yu and led an expedition force to Yi Province after its governor and Liu Bei's relative Liu Zhang asked him for help against Zhang Lu in Hanzhong. Liu Zhang received Liu Bei warmly and stationed him at Jiameng Gate in northern Yi Province. Liu Bei secretly aimed to conquer Yi Province himself, so his strategist Pang Tong suggested three plans to conqer Chengdu. The first option was to swiftly attack the capital, the second was to take control of Liu Zhang's men in the north and then advance, the third was to move southwest and station at Baidi Castle. Liu Bei chose the second option and requested troops from Liu Zhang, but the latter only gave him about half of the troops he wanted.

Zhang Song's brother Zhang Su discovered his brother's secret plotting with Liu Bei and reported it to Liu Zhang, who furiously executed Zhang Song. Although trying to keep his knowledge about Liu Bei's intentions a secret, Liu Bei's spies in Chengdu informed their master in time. Before Liu Zhang's orders reached his generals Gao Pei and Yang Huai at Fushui Gate, Liu Bei summoned them and had them executed. He then moved his forces south and conquered Fu Castle.

Liu Zhang sent a few of his generals under the leadership of Zhang Ren and Wu Yi north to defend Mianzhu. Wu Yi and his replacements Li Yan and Fei Guan soon changed their allegiance and Liu Bei gained more followers by promising them wealth should they surrender. Once he reached Luo Castle, he had to lay siege to it since the defenders under Liu Xun's leadership did not want to surrender.

Despite Pang Tong's death, Liu Bei was eventually able to conquer Luo Castle after a whole year and moved further south. Additionally, he persuaded Zhang Lu's general Ma Chao to kill Yang Bo and join his forces. Seeing Ma Chao's army appear north of Chengdu, the citizens were terrified, but still wanted to defend against the invaders. However, Liu Zhang told his people that he did not want more commoners to die in the war and opened the gates, personally surrendering to Liu Bei. Liu Bei became the new governor of Yi Province and made Liu Zhang "General who Inspires Awe". After conquering Yi, Sun Quan demanded the return of Jing Province, but Liu Bei refused, leading to a conflict between the allies.

Chengdu served the Shu kingdom as its capital for many decades. However, due to Jiang Wei's wasting of Shu's resources in his campaigns during the 250's and early 260's, Shu became weaker and weaker. In September 263, Wei's forces led a massive invasion force to conquer Shu. Jiang Wei abandoned the camps near Hanzhong that were built by Wei Yan many years ago and instead deployed his troops at the fortresses at Han and Yue in order to wear out the Wei forces.

Wei's general Zhong Hui advanced on both fortresses, but instead of falling into Jiang Wei's trap, he ordered two detachments of his force to besiege both fortresses while swiftly advancing further himself. Jiang Wei himself was meanwhile defeated by the Wei forces under the command of Wang Qi and Yang Qu. While retreating, his escape route at Yinping Bridge was cut off by Zhuge Xu, but Jiang Wei tricked him into leaving the bridge undefended for a short time, allowing him to escape. After passing the bridge, however, he was attacked by Zhong Hui and Jiang Wei fled further south.

Zhong Hui then defeated Dong Jue and Zhang Yi at Yang'an and attacked Fu Qian at Wuxing, killing the Shu general and establishing a shorter supply line. Zhong Hui then advanced on Guancheng and captured it, conquering most of Hanzhong in the process. However, Shu's general Jiang Bin still held out at Han fortress and Jiang Wei had regrouped the Shu army at Jiange, which Zhong Hui was unable to breach.

Earlier, after reaching Yinping, Deng Ai wanted to bypass Jiange by advancing via Jiangyou. Zhuge Xu objected the plan and moved east to aid Zhong Hui, but the latter tricked the Wei court into recalling Zhuge Xu and putting the latter's troops under his own command. Still, Zhong Hui was unable to break through Jiange, despite outnumbering them. The Shu forces were confident that the Wei forces would retreat soon, allowing Deng Ai to use a nearly impassible route that was about 350 km long. Although it was very dangerous, Deng Ai reached Jiangyou since the Shu forces were stationed at Jiange and forced Jiangyou's administrator Ma Miao to surrender. Deng Ai's men were able to rest and captured most of the enemy supplies.

After he heard about Deng Ai's appearance deep inside Shu's territory, Zhuge Zhan was frightened and did not know what to do. Eventually, Liu Shan sent him to occupy Mianzhu. When Deng Ai reached Mianzhu, he offered Zhuge Zhan to surrender, but the latter refused and charged out of the city, attempting to use his father's eight stratagem formation. Deng Ai attacked and was beaten, thus he ordered his army to charge out and threatened to execute the commanders should the second attack fail. This time the attack succeeded. The Shu army was annihilated and Zhuge Zhan and many other generals were killed in the battle.

Following the victory at Mianzhu, Deng Ai conquered Luo Castle and advanced on Chengdu. With Jiang Wei far away at Jiange, still holding out against Zhong Hui, Liu Shan followed the advice of Qiao Zhou and surrendered to Wei. Jiang Wei withdrew his forces from Jiange and, after receiving Liu Shan's orders, surrendered to Zhong Hui at Fucheng. Luo Xian held out at Baidi Castle against the attacking Wu forces and repelled them, allowing Wei to take control of Yi Province.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms[]


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