Coby Pirate Warriors 3
Character Information
Allegiance(s): World Government
Alvida Pirates (formerly)
May 13th
16 (debut)
18 (after timeskip)
167 cm (5'5¾")
Six Powers
Voice Actors:
Mika Doi
First Appearance:
Non-playable character.

Coby (コビー) is a Marine Captain at Marine Headquarters. He was once the cabin boy in the Alvida Pirates until he was rescued by Monkey D. Luffy. He inspired Luffy to fight the cruel marines at Shells Town, then joined and began to transport Morgan. He soon caught the eye of a Marine vice admiral, Monkey D. Garp.

He was then transferred to Marine Headquarters and underwent hard training. After growing up, he had a friendly fight with Luffy while the Straw Hat Pirates escaped Enies Lobby. Soon, unable to stand the bloodshed at Marineford, Coby nearly sacrificed himself to stop the war, standing in Akainu's path in defiance.

Role in GameEdit

He appears in the Legend Mode, as an enemy on both the Water 7 and Marine Ford stages.

In the DLC stage, All Quiet on the East Blue, Coby appears late to help Smoker and Tashigi calm the chaos caused by the East Blue Pirates with Garp.



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Fighting StyleEdit

After being recruited by Garp, Coby learns to fight using the Six Powers, mainly the Rankyaku. He eventually gained the Observation Haki.

Attack ListEdit

  • Normal Attack: Coby punts upward, then does a hopping spin kick, then sweeps the ground with his leg, then gives a superkick and finishes with a hard lifting kick.
  • Strong Attack: Coby kicks right with his left leg sending a Tempest Kick forward, then forms a Tempest Kick cross with legs and kicks it forward, then finishes with a somersault kick with a vertical Tempest Kick.
  • Cross Tempest Kick: Coby does a hopping horizontal kick, then a vertical kick sending a cross of energy forward.
  • Power Kick: Coby jumps high up and comes down kicking enemies hard.
  • Shave: Coby rears himself back then rams into enemies while dashing.
  • Musou: "This is my justice!": Coby rapidly kicks forward with his left leg, then finishes with a Tempest Kick.

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