Daniel Woren (born January 8, 1952 in San Diego, California) is an American actor and voice actor. As a veteran voice actor over 25 years of experience, Woren has provided his voice to various foreign media, commercials, and audio book narration. He is fluent in Spanish and is capable of speaking in different English dialects such as Irish, Southern, Cockney, East Indian, etc. Woren is a big fan of the San Diego Chargers and actively performs live reading sessions during his leisure. He has also been credited as Jackson Daniels, Warren Daniels, Dan Warren, Don Warner, Daniel Woren, and Dan Worren.

Woren mostly does voice overs for calm and serious characters. He has played against this type as Jagi in the Fist of the North Star animated film, Yang Neumann in the Manga Entertainment dub of Macross Plus, and Caster in Fate/Zero.

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