Character Information
Allegiance(s): Donquixote Pirates
May 29th
525 cm (17'3")
Devil Fruit:
Hira Hira no Mi
Devil fruit powers
Voice Actors:
Hideyuki Umezu
First Appearance:
Non-playable character.

Diamante is one of the top three Donquixote Pirates officers in the Diamond seat. Said to be the Hero of the Colosseum in Dressrosa, he is the proprietor of the arena. Diamante was the one who taught Trafalgar Law in swordplay.

Diamante also partakes in the competition to see who can win the Flame Flame Fruit. During the course of the contest, he tries to hide the Devil Fruit within the Fighting Fish and saw through Luffy's Lucy disguise. Eventually, the one-legged fighter Kyros defeats Diamante in the flower fields.

Role in GamesEdit

At times in the fourth game's Treasure Log mode, Diamante can be found in a music partnership with Brook, and the player must render assistance to them.


Diamante usually denies anything flattering about himself, until he accepts it as a compliment.


  • "It's time for the great Diamante to make his entrance! Come at me however you like!"
  • "I can't do lose this fight, no way, no how!"
  • "Showtime's not over yet."
  • "Adios... forever!"
  • "We're not on the same level!"
  • "I'm taking this territory, okay?"
  • "Hey... you've got some skill."
  • "Not bad, I must say."
  • "That's some interesting swordplay you've got there..."
  • "Now, Dofy... Let us go forth and vanquish the enemy!"
  • "Gah...I've had it..."
  • "To be beaten by an enemy like that... pathetic!"
  • "Right, let's get moving."
  • "Right, it's showtime!"
  • "This doesn't look great for us... You guys, fall back!"
  • "What a great honor for you to fight with me!"
  • "Do you take me for a mere fluttering genius matador?!"
  • "I'll shred you to pieces!"
  • "You there, you look like you can hold a tune. How about a duet?"
  • "You...? Take down Dofy? Don't talk nonsense!"
  • "I'm such a fool..."
  • "Crap! We screwed up..."
  • "This win is worth more than anything."

Fighting StyleEdit

Diamante's Devil Fruit, the Hira Hira no Mi allows him to flatten anything he touches at will. He is also known to fight with a rapier. He can also use his cape to shield himself from heavy damage.

Attack ListEdit

  • Diamante does a diagonal slash sending an energy wave forward, then a horizontal energy wave slash, then a diagonal left energy wave slash.
  • Diamante takes out a mace and hops, slamming the mace onto enemies.
  • Diamante shoots his flintlock guns at enemies.
  • Corrida Glaive: Diamante turns his rapier into a bull head and rams it into enemies.
  • Vipera Glaive: Diamante waves his rapier wildly like a snake, then finishes with a slash to the right.
  • Half Moon Glaive: Diamante moves his rapier in a circle to above his head, then swings it down sending a compressed air projectile at enemies.
  • Death Enjambre: Diamante throws something into the air, then goes under a black umbrella while spiked balls rain down on enemies.

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