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Dynasty Warriors: Blazing Battles (Mandarin: 真·三国无双激斗版, Zhēn Sānguó Wúshuāng Jīdǒubǎn, Japanese: 真・三國無双 激闘版, Shin Sangoku Musō Gekitōban), originally titled Dynasty Warriors Mobile, is a fighting game adaptation of Dynasty Warriors 7. Its gameplay is reminiscent of the original Dynasty Warriors but with micro-transactions in the form of cash coins and magatama.

The producer Yang Cen wanted to create a superb fighting title befitting the Dynasty Warriors series by tweaking existing movesets to perfection and relying on constructive feedback from Akihiro Suzuki, who felt that the genre was still rare to find on mobile devices.

A closed beta test was held from April 25 to May 2.


Similar to the Warriors Orochi series, players must form a tag team of three different characters before they can begin. Characters are based on their appearance in the seventh installment, though some wield weapons from previous games while a certain few come from newer titles. Customization is possible through a variety of equipment, weapons, and mount cards found in the game.

Battles typically take place on a 2D plane of motion. When up against an opponent, the touch screen enables the player to move, attack, evade, or block. Charge attacks are performed by tapping on the icons placed at the bottom right. Like in most Warriors titles, a normal or True Musou attack can be triggered once the yellow gauge below has been filled up. If another party member is present, they may perform a Double Musou when certain conditions are met.

Clearing battles earns experience points for leveling up. Reaching certain levels is essential in order to unlock new content. Also included are multiple difficulty settings that players can choose from.


Campaign Mode[]

Serves as the game's story mode.

Free Mode[]

Eschews storyline in favor of choosing own character teams and stages.

Cavalry Mode[]

A side-scrolling racing game where players must race through a course on horseback while avoiding various obstacles.

Legion Mode[]

Incorporates strategic elements to battles.

PvP Mode[]

Pits two human players against one another.

Related Media[]

Beta versions of the game were made playable at 2016's E3, ChinaJoy, and TGS exhibitions.


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