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Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends (真・三國無双4 猛将伝, Shin Sangokumusou 4 Moushouden; lit. "True Three Kingdoms Unmatched 4: Fierce General Legends") is the Xtreme Legends version of Dynasty Warriors 5.


  • Flinching time for both the AI and the player has significantly increased, allowing whatever previously slow attacks to finally be fast enough to be unblockable, such as various endings of grounded musous, and various charge attacks. Stunning attacks have been adjusted for some characters' attacks, such as Lu Xun's Musou, Wei Yan's entire Square string, and Xu Huang's C3.
  • Any character with a heavy weapon will be immune to flinching to normal attacks while they themselves are attacking. This is more beneficial to characters with heavy 4th weapons, even more so to Da Qiao.
  • Seven new items are introduced.
  • The new Edit Mode allows players to equip any character's weapon to the newly created edit character.
  • There are two additional challenge modes.
  • A new Power-Up option is added to the Camp section. This feature lets players upgrade first to third weapons by means of consuming various stat-raising books, giving them the potential to match or surpass the power of fourth weapons.
  • Players can download Dynasty Warriors 5 content with load original function. Edit characters can also be used in Free Mode when the original game is imported.


Legend Mode[]

Returns from the previous Xtreme Legends title.

Xtreme Mode[]

Similar to its predecessor, but with additional changes and rules.

Destiny Mode[]

This mode allows the players' created characters to serve under the main playable cast. Players are initially allowed to choose from one of three weapons: pike, spear, and sword and gain access to more by doing well in a mission and killing supply captains.

Characters can also obtain points for gaining new skills by completing optional objectives that vary for each stage. Since the time frame for this mode is much shorter than in Musou and Free Mode, players are encouraged to be flexible with their goals and objectives.


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