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Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends (真・三國無双7 猛将伝, Shin Sangoku Musou 7 Moushouden) is the updated expansion of Dynasty Warriors 8.

A brief character poll was held up until August 29th. The three most popular characters, Zhao Yun, Wang Yuanji, and Xu Shu, receive new costumes based on characters from other Koei-Tecmo franchises as a first print bonus. All three ports have a bundle set with Dynasty Warriors 8 which is called Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Complete Edition overseas and Shin Sangoku Musou 7 with Moushouden in Asia.

A final version was released on Nintendo Switch, including practically all content possible, called Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Definitive Edition overseas and Shin Sangoku Musou 7 with Moushouden DX in Asia.


  • Every character gains a second EX attack.
  • Includes a revamped bodyguard system which allows players to bring up to three bodyguards.
  • Players have the option of manually activating Storm Rush attacks by tapping Square and Triangle simultaneously.
  • A new option that enables players to view only the enemy general's health bar has been added.
  • The maximum level cap is now 150 instead of 99.
  • Includes new sixth weapons for every weapon type as well as a new "Ultimate" difficulty mode.
  • Enables cross-platforming for multiplayer purposes. Saved data from the original title can be transferred between any port of this game. Players who have purchased either version of the PlayStation 3 port in Japan can get the downloadable PlayStation 4 version of the game for a minimal fee of 1,000 yen. The offer is available a month within the new console's release date.
  • Downloadable content so far includes costumes, music, stages and weapons.


Story Mode[]

As a callback to the first expansion of this type, developers have stated that Lu Bu is the "protagonist" of this port. He and his faction star in their own lengthy scenario for this title.

Various characters not playable or have a minor role within Story Mode star in an all new storyline of hypothetical scenarios, where they are eight stages long and focus on additional battles or alternate versions of existing ones. There is also the option to unlock 'Other' scenarios after completing objectives in the main four factions.

Free Mode[]

The user interface has been changed. Optional mission objectives vaguely based on those found within the original game's Story Mode are available for players to complete. A retry option has been added.

Ambition Mode[]

Ambition Mode has been revised to be a quasi-war simulation feature with the overall goal being to unite Han China. This feature is unlocked once the original goal of constructing Tongquetai Palace has been achieved. Players can build their palace by building relations with the characters they have earned in their ranks. As relations improve, the player's territory can expand. When enemy territory is challenged, the player will need to defeat a required number of its soldiers and a "boss" type commander in order to claim it.

Gems can be earned within this mode and used to customize weapons.

Challenge Mode[]

Returns with an online ranking system. Achieving certain challenges may reward players with weapons. Each trial corresponds with the three weapon attributes, so it may be easier to equip a character with the proper trait. Furthermore, all five courses contain elemental gem power-ups named after them to assist the player.

  • Rampage - The goal is to defeat many enemies before time runs out. The elemental gems for this course increase the user's strength in proportion to the amount of foes slain.
  • Bridge Melee - Knock as many enemies off the edge as possible. The elemental gems for this course amplify the knockback effect caused by strong attacks.
  • Speed Run - Run to the goal as soon as possible. The elemental gems for this course prevent the user from flinching upon receiving damage.
  • Arena - Fight against every playable general until the player runs out of health. The elemental gems for this course prolong the buff effects of Switch Counters.
  • Inferno - Defeat every enemy present before time runs out. The elemental gems for this course trigger explosions to damage nearby opponents.


The following characters are newcomers to the series.


Icon Name Unlock Method Type
DW8XL Trophy.png True Warrior of the 3 Kingdoms Obtain all other trophies. Platinum
DW8XL Trophy 2.png Ultimate Warrior Clear all additional scenarios under Ultimate difficulty setting. Gold
DW8XL Trophy 3.png Total Unifier Conquer every region in Ambition Mode. Gold
DW8XL Trophy 4.png Ultimate Rating Achieve an "A" rank in all Xtreme Legends scenarios. Gold
DW8XL Trophy 5.png Martial Arts Master Reach first place in all five courses of Challenge Mode. Silver
DW8XL Trophy 6.png Musou Collector Obtain all second rare weapons. Silver
DW8XL Trophy 7.png Subjugator Raise territory control rate to 100%. Silver
DW8XL Trophy 8.png Goal Getter Complete every stage goal available. Silver
DW8XL Trophy 9.png Crossroads Complete every hypothetical requirement of each new scenario. Silver
DW8XL Trophy 10.png Victory Call Clear all additional scenarios exclusive to the game. Silver
DW8XL Trophy 11.png War God Watch Lu Bu's historical and hypothetical endings. Silver
DW8XL Trophy 12.png Golden Dream Earn more than 100,000 funds. Silver
DW8XL Trophy 13.png Carnage Defeat a total of more than 100,000 enemies. Silver
DW8XL Trophy 14.png Xtreme Speed Reach 100% battlefield control rate in any battlefield in 2 or less battles. Silver
DW8XL Trophy 15.png Seasoned Veteran Maximize the level of any available officer. Silver
DW8XL Trophy 16.png Famous Commander Maximize the leadership level of any available officer. Silver
DW8XL Trophy 17.png New Friends Clear any stage with 5 additional characters. Bronze
DW8XL Trophy 18.png Story Buff Unlock all conversation events in Ambition Mode. Bronze
DW8XL Trophy 19.png Rampage Master Reach first place in Challenge Mode's Rampage course. Bronze
DW8XL Trophy 20.png Bridge Melee Master Reach first place in Challenge Mode's Bridge Melee course. Bronze
DW8XL Trophy 21.png Speed Run Master Reach first place in Challenge Mode's Speed Run course. Bronze
DW8XL Trophy 22.png Arena Master Reach first place in Challenge Mode's Arena course. Bronze
DW8XL Trophy 23.png Inferno Master Reach first place in Challenge Mode's Inferno course. Bronze
DW8XL Trophy 24.png War Trident Expert Learn the "War Trident" mastery skill. Bronze
DW8XL Trophy 25.png Flame Bow Expert Learn the "Flame Bow" mastery skill. Bronze
DW8XL Trophy 26.png Woven Cloth Expert Learn the "Woven Cloth" mastery skill. Bronze
DW8XL Trophy 27.png Art of War Scroll Expert Learn the "Art of War Scroll" mastery skill. Bronze
DW8XL Trophy 28.png Crossed Pike Expert Learn the "Crossed Pike" mastery skill. Bronze
DW8XL Trophy 29.png Highest Rating Achieve an "A" rank for one scenario in Free Mode. Bronze
DW8XL Trophy 30.png Total Subjugation Raise battlefield control rate to 100% in a suppression battle. Bronze
DW8XL Trophy 31.png Total Victory Clear a suppression battle with a 100% control rate. Bronze
DW8XL Trophy 32.png Battle Pro With every formation slot filled out, clear a single suppression battle with no officer lost. Bronze
DW8XL Trophy 33.png Expedient Leader In Ambition Mode, clear a stage having a remaining time of 14 minutes or more. Bronze
DW8XL Trophy 34.png First Fusion Utilized weapon fusion for the first time. Bronze
DW8XL Trophy 35.png First Fortification Strengthen a bodyguard for the first time. Bronze
DW8XL Trophy 36.png First Skill Ordered a bodyguard to use a battle skill for the first time. Bronze
DW8XL Trophy 37.png Skill Specialist Use every battle skill available. Bronze
DW8XL Trophy 38.png Movie Maven Unlock every new movie scene. Bronze
DW8XL Trophy 39.png Event Aficionado Unlock every new event scene. Bronze
DW8XL Trophy 40.png Wallpaper Compiler Unlock every new wallpaper. Bronze
DW8XL Trophy 41.png Attack Ace Defeat an enemy officer with two different EX attacks. Bronze
DW8XL Trophy 42.png Mighty Warrior Defeat 1,000 enemies under Ultimate difficulty setting. Bronze
DW8XL Trophy 43.png Lightning Speed Clear a battle within 2 minutes or less under Ultimate difficulty setting. Bronze
DW8XL Trophy 44.png Matchless Warrior Clear a non-tutorial battle without receiving damage under Ultimate difficulty setting. Bronze

Differences between ports[]

The Japanese PlayStation 4 version of the title, Shin Sangoku Musou 7 with Moushouden, will automatically record any Challenge Mode sessions. Players can watch and comment on these videos live.

Players can alter the graphics setting and frame rate for the PC port. This version includes the free DLC from Dynasty Warriors 8 and Xtreme Legends:

  • The PS Vita port omits some of the extra animations for horse movement, as well as having certain assets removed (such as the editing of very few in-battle voice clips).


  • Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition set - released 2015 in China using simplified Chinese subtitles over Japanese audio.
  • Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Definitive Edition - Switch-exclusive release, including all DLC.
  • Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires
  • Warriors All-Stars

Related Media[]

The producer was present at SCEJA Press Conference 2013 to showcase this entry. He featured gameplay footage of Hulao Gate. Director Atsushi Miyauchi was present to showcase the PS4 version of the game for Sony Computer Entertainment Japan's live broadcast series PS4 Lab. The game is apart of the PS4 launch lineup in Japan and is featured on Sony's Ustream list.

Select Lawson outlets is offering a QR code for a Wang Yuanji costume if consumers purchase their spicy tofu meat buns starting November 26. Consumers can obtain one of three unique wallpapers by scanning a special code on the meat bun wrapper.

Two character image song CDs are scheduled to be out in Japan, each featuring assorted participants from this installment. One is called Yuubu no Shou and the other is called Eichi no Shou. Voice actor commentary and a select compilation of character quotes in Ambition Mode are included.

On February 8, 2014 at Differ Ariake Arena, the third Dynasty Warriors voice actor event was held. It was called Shin Sangoku Musou Seiyuu Ranbu 2014 Spring Ultimate Live. Series composer MASA was present to play live for fans.

This game was presented as Koei-Tecmo's booth for the 2014 Kobe Three Kingdoms Garden festival. Attendees could participate in a free-to-enter tournament. A similar event is planned for this year's Sangokushi Matsuri event in autumn. The PS4 port is a part of Gamecity's PS4 Summer online shopping campaign.

Tecmo-Koei recently posted two online surveys for American and European fans to provide input on Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends. Players can provide personal opinions on who their favorite new character is, their thoughts on the soundtrack, as well as the stage designs.

Japanese Let's Players Ii Otonatachi will be playing the PS4 version of Shin Sangokushi Musou 7 with Moushouden as a part of a celebration countdown for Nico Nico's 2015 Super Conference. Registered users can watch their vocal live broadcast April 15, 21:00 (JST).

Sega has this game tie-up with their first Sangokushi Taisen Pocket collaboration event May 13~20, 2017 at Yokohama's Chinatown. Festivities will include an opening event and a cosplay event; collaboration merchandise will be sold at participating stores within Yamashitacho, Naka Ward.


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