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Dynasty Warriors Advance (真・三國無双 Advance) is an installment in the Dynasty Warriors series released on the Game Boy Advance. It is a port of Dynasty Warriors 4 featuring the same cast, but with numerous gameplay differences as it was released when Dynasty Warriors 4 was still in development.


The largest difference in this portable installment is the reduced number of playable characters, 13 in comparison to the 42 character roster boasted by the fourth title. To counteract this, a new weapon system was implemented. There are now over a hundred weapons to choose from that each fall under a certain category of weapon that have appeared in the series. Each character can use 3 out of 22 different weapon types. Though unique in appearance, most of these weapons vary from one another in terms of stat bonuses and special abilities.

Another difference is the implementation of the grid battlefield system seen in Dynasty Warriors PSP, with a timer running on each mini-battle. This timer changes color as time passes. When the battle is won, it is ranked as either a triumph, which allows the player to make an extra move, a victory, or a close call, which forces the player to lose a turn. Some strategy is added with unit weaknesses, where certain types of enemies are vulnerable to specific charge attacks. Archers are vulnerable to basic charge attacks, spearmen to C3, and swordsmen to C4. The game also features a new power-up system that enables characters to become stronger at a gradual pace throughout each stage.


This is a list of characters that appear in the game and have unique models, whether or not they are playable. Other characters from the series make cameos, but have generic officer models with unique portraits.


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