Edward Kelley
Character Information
Voice Actor(s):
Nicholas Boulton (EN)
Hiroyuki Kinoshita (JP)
Historical Information
August 1, 1555
November 25, 1597

Edward Kelley is an English occult researcher who traveled across Europe with his partner John Dee, developing a method to transmute base metals into gold using alchemy. He claimed to be able to commune with spirits and angels through a mirror belonging to Sir Dee.

Role in Game[edit | edit source]

Edward Kelley is the main antagonist of Nioh, having been created by John Dee to gather all of England's amrita in the war effort against Spain. In the Tower of London, Sir Dee tasks him with going to Japan to take the country's amrita and return it to England. When he is confronted by William, he captures his Guardian Spirit, Saoirse, and escapes to Japan. 

William first finds Kelley in Kyushu masquerading as Muneshige. After the two fight, Kelley steals the amrita in the caverns and disappears. During this time, he resurrects Noh and convinces Yasuke to serve him. He is later shown to be in the service of Mitsunari, empowering the Western Army's soldiers with amrita. During the Battle of Sekigahara, Kelley reveals that he plans to resurrect Nobunaga Oda hoping that the infamous warlord would incite chaos to produce more amrita.

When William reaches a newly reconstructed Azuchi Castle, Kelley reveals the resurrected Nobunaga. After the Demon King refuses to comply to his wishes, Kelley is incensed to use is Uroboros and Saorise's energy to summon Yamata no Orochi. William slays it and kills Kelley. Before his death, the alchemist reveals that he was a homunculus created by John Dee, the Queen's adviser, and is one of many duplicates.

Historical Information[edit | edit source]

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