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Ernst Von Bohr (UW5)

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Ernst Von Bohr (エルネスト・ロペス, Ernesto Lopez) is a Dutch scholar and one of the protagonists of Uncharted Waters: New Horizons. His flagship is called "Mercator".

Role in Games[]

Ernst is a well-known geographer from Holland who makes a living as a university professor until his colleague Mercator convinces him to explore far-off lands to create a detailed world map. Excited at the prospect of competing with other cartographers and scholars, he and his first mate Hans set sail to different locations and find numerous discoveries along the way. Their progress results in Mercator's maps becoming popular with adventurers.

The scholar eventually takes in a young girl named Paula after hearing her wish to find her true home. Although the group is unable to find clues regarding her origins, Ernst notices she bears a close resemblance to the people of Nagasaki which causes her to remember seeing a yellow river as a child. This lead takes them to Changan where Paula finally meets her long-lost family. Although Ernst is happy for her, he is even more delighted by the girl's intent to travel with him once more, hinting that their experiences together have turned into love.

He is mentioned in João's scenario, having shared with Enrico the possible location of Atlantis during his stay in Zipangu. Pietro's story has him relate the whereabouts of El Dorado to the explorer instead. During an optional event in Daikoukai Jidai Gaiden, Mercator dispatches Miranda to find Ernst after his disappearance in Africa. Much to their relief, it turns out he was doing field research at Madagascar.


Ernst is a brilliant scholar who pursues knowledge for its own sake. He agrees to collaborate with Mercator not only out of obligation, but to satisfy his curiosity and someday surpass his father as a geographer. After meeting Paula, he often finds himself embarrassed by Hans pairing them together only to warm up to that idea once they become close during their voyage.

Voice Actors[]

  • Ed Bosco - Uncharted Waters: Origins (English)
  • Jun Fukuyama - Uncharted Waters: Origins (Japanese)
  • Jeong Joowon - Uncharted Waters: Origins (Korean)
  • Ma Yang - Uncharted Waters: Origins (Chinese)


  • "I'll go beyond the waves and see what's there."


Because Ernst's only objective is to complete the world map, his scenario is arguably the easiest but longest among the six playable protagonists. Players can make a lot of money by exploring portions of the map for discoveries and reporting them back to Mercator. There is also no need for Ernst to engage in combat since his stats are not geared for fighting other ships. Trading can be used as an alternative source of income in case the number of discoveries available are scarce.