Character Information
Allegiance(s): Lusitania
Uncle (deceased)
Voice Actor(s):
Yumi Uchiyama

Esther de la Fano (エステル・デ・ラ・ファーノ) is a major character in The Heroic Legend of Arslan and a non-playable character Arslan: The Warriors of Legend.

Wanting to participate in her homeland's beliefs and protect Barcacion, she disguises herself as a male soldier named Étoile (エトワール). She has no real battlefield experience and is held prisoner when Saint Emmanuel Castle falls against Arslan's forces. Esther refuses to join Arslan yet intellectually challenges and bonds with him during her loose captivity.

Her personality and role are rewritten in Hiromu Arakawa's adaptation. She regularly exploits her dual disguises to serve within the ranks and infiltrate Pars for information. Esther first meets Arslan during their childhood, replacing a slave boy within the original narrative. Her boldness and declarations inspires Arslan to be decisive for his own beliefs. When she matures, Esther is captain of her own patrol unit and trains with weaponry, but she still has no experience in war.

Role in GameEdit

During Story Mode, Esther is portrayed as a competent captain who actively resists the Parsian army at Saint Emmanuel Castle. As she resists Arslan's forces, her true gender is revealed to Arslan through a casual observation by Kubard. Compelled by the prince's promise that he won't make her people his slaves, she temporarily withdraws and tries to regroup with Barcacion. She pushes through her grief over Barcacion's death to convince the defeated Lusitanians to stop committing suicide. Hilmes manipulates her movements throughout the battle to distract Arslan, culminating with the boy prince carelessly forgoing his safety to follow her. During Hilmes and Arslan's duel, she aids Arslan by firing fire arrow volleys into the area. When she runs out of arrows, she vouches for Arslan's victory.


Esther is a tough zealot of Lusitania's teachings. She truly believes that her country's invasion is a god given right and treats any foreigners as "uncouth barbarians". Any other religion is heresy and must be purged under "the enlightenment" of Lusitania's rule. Anyone who dies for their cause will ascend to their god's graces, even if they are child soldiers or innocent bystanders. Though she is harsh, serious and strict in her duties, Esther has faith that her actions are for the good of humanity.

Arslan is a curiosity to her. At times, he seems pathetic and witless; then, he surprises her with his renewed resolve. Her interactions with the prince prompts her to consider the virtues of her cause.


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Fighting StyleEdit

Esther uses the middle sword style, with a unique special attack. She plants her sword in the ground, then charges forward and thrusts it, knocking enemies away.


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