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The Five Bushel Sect (五斗米道) refers to a Taoist movement founded in 142 by a hermit named Zhang Daoling. It was initially named as such due to its requirement of having new members donate five pecks of rice before joining. The group continuously expanded even after their third leader Zhang Lu, the grandson of Zhang Daoling, was subjugated by Cao Cao. During their appearance in Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends, the members of the Five Bushel sect use white as their army color.

This faction also includes officers from Xiliang who took refuge in Zhang Lu's domain and served him for a time before leaving due to Ma Chao's tense relationship with their leader. Only Pang De remained with the group until Cao Cao conquered them entirely. Despite the surrender of their leader, the Five Bushel sect did not fully scatter until the decline of Wei.




  • Lady Zhang - Mother of Zhang Lu. She was killed by Liu Zhang's men in retaliation for her son's betrayal.
  • Lady Dong - Yan Pu's wife.





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