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The Forces in Xiliang (西凉軍) are a coalition of warriors in charge of defending the province of Liang from hostile neighboring factions. A large portion of them hold fealty to Ma Teng, the co-lord of the region, and his son Ma Chao. In Dynasty Warriors 4, the soldiers of this army are decked in green.

Ma Teng and his sworn brother Han Sui fought together to gain independence from the declining Han Dynasty even before Dong Zhuo's reign of tyranny. But when their bond turned into animosity over who would control Liang Province, it was Cao Cao who helped mediate peace between the two parties in exchange for authority over their territory. The alliance lasted shortly until Ma Chao and Han Sui decided to rebel against Cao Cao. In turn, Ma Teng and his remaining family were all executed.

The ensuing conflict at Tong Gate resulted in disaster for the Xiliang forces due to Jia Xu's plot driving a wedge between Ma Chao and Han Sui, causing the former to retreat and serve under Zhang Lu. Eventually, he left Zhang Lu's army and joined Shu.



Eight Riders of Han Sui[]

In Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Han Sui assembled eight generals to coordinate his army and rode to Ma Chao's assistance at Xiliang.

  1. Cheng Yi
  2. Cheng Yin
  3. Hou Xuan
  4. Li Kan
  5. Liang Xing
  6. Ma Wan
  7. Yang Qiu
  8. Zhang Heng



Fictional Followers[]


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