Character Information
Allegiance(s): Sindhura
Karikala II (father, deceased)
Rajendra (younger half-brother)
Voice Actor(s):

Gadevi (ガーデーヴィ) is a secondary antagonist in The Heroic Legend of Arslan and a non-playable character in Arslan: The Warriors of Legend.

Gadevi is introduced as one of two Sindhura princes who competes with his brother for the right to inherit the throne. As the eldest and the son of a distinguished mother, he has the support of the nobility, which outweighs Rajendra's political influence in their native court. The princes stage a massive invasion on Pars to prove that one of them is the worthy successor to their dying father. Arslan and company side with his brother against him, so Gadevi's massive numbers are soon outwitted and endangered.

Karikala II doesn't want to see either one of his sons die on the battlefield before him, so he makes a decree to decide his successor through a divine duel. Each prince chooses a champion to represent them; Gadevi's champion loses. While he is in shock with the results, Gadevi accepts them to avoid further disgrace and to respect his father's wishes. Rajendra has him publicly executed soon after.

The animated TV series diverges from the novel by having Gadevi outraged by the results of the duel. After he brands his champion "a traitor" and kills him, Gadevi immediately stages a coup d'état to kill Rajendra. He is thwarted by Daryun's quick retaliation and captured. Rajendra stages a mocking banquet to celebrate the coming of his brother's demise. Gadevi loses his composure and lashes out, nearly killing Arslan. He is interrupted by Azrael and beheaded by one of Rajendra's soldiers during his attempt to flee.

Role in GameEdit

In Free Mode's "Clash with Gadevi's Army", Kishward defends Peshawar Castle against Gadevi's onslaught. In "Clash with the Parsian Army", Jaswant has to come to the prince's aid while he is fighting Kharlan.


While he is a competent ruler and warrior, Gadevi is an arrogant noble who has been raised with no exposure to the outside world. He believes that anyone outside the nobility are "inferior beings" and never factors the plights of the common folk in his rulings. He is also inflexible and loses his temper with anyone who questions his judgment. The animated TV series exaggerates these traits to make him more cruel and menacing than his original counterpart.

Unlike Rajendra, whose sentiments towards most people are often debatable, Gadevi doesn't know how to conceal his emotions and genuinely loves their father. His warm affections causes Karikala to hesitate disowning him; in the novel, his father laments Gadevi's fate the most within Sindhura.


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Fighting StyleEdit

Gadevi shares the spear moveset, but uses a unique special move. He jumps into the air and throws his spear down powerful enough to knock enemies away.

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