This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Gecko Moria.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2Edit

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3Edit

  • "You, don't lead enemies to me!"
  • "If I get good corpses, I'm content."
  • "Kishishishi! You wanna be a zombie soldier too?"
  • "My ability is to control the shadows!"
  • "Now, give me your shadow!"
  • "Now this one will make a good zombie! Kishishishi!"
  • "Now you see! Even if you keep sailing, you'll just end up dead!"
  • "Live the life you have! In this world, your role is to be crushed!"
  • "All your shadows will serve me!"
  • "Kishishishi! You wanna be a Zombie soldier too?"
  • "Kishishishi! I shall have the Pirate King's throne!"
  • "Kishishishi! See my power! I'll become Pirate King with my army of corpses!"
  • "Kishishishishi! This is what you call invincible power!"
  • "Do you see the power of shadows? Soon I'll be the Pirate King! Kishishishi!"
  • "I am going to rule this land!"
  • "This is mine!"
  • "Captured... Kishishishi!"
  • "Hmmm? Did someone die? Well, do something about it!"
  • "You think you're closest to becoming Pirate King? That title is mine!"
  • "This is what happens when kids get full of themselves... A baptism by fire."
  • "You have no idea of your own limits! Give up on trying to challenge me!"
  • "You're Crocodile's successor? I'll destroy you."
  • "Straw hat Pirates! Stop thinking your power will cut it on the seas here!"
  • "Now I can make more Zombie Soldiers! Kishishishi!"
  • "Kishishishi! This brings me one step closer to becoming Pirate King."
  • "With me here, victory was a given."
  • "That great victory was thanks me! Be glad that you serve me!"