Glemy Toto
Glemy Toto (DWG3)
Character Information
Series Appearance(s): Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ
Allegiance(s): Neo Zeon
Mobile Suit(s):
First Appearance: Dynasty Warriors: Gundam
Voice Actors:
Jordan Schartner (EN), Tsutomu Kashiwakura (JP)
Playable in the second game.

Glemy Toto is a major antagonist in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. He serves as an officer under Haman Karn, rumoured to be a descendant of the Zabi family. He is instrumental in utilizing Puru and Puru Two's Newtype abilities in battle. While he has a humble beginning, he secretly plans to revive the Zabi family and mutinies against Haman Karn. He also fell in love with Roux Louka. After Puru-Two is rescued, Glemy meets his tragic incineration from Roux's beam rifle in the Quin Mantha.

Mission ModeEdit

Glemy first appears in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam as a non-playable pilot.

In his first story mission in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2, Glemy first works to gain Haman's trust while protecting the Gwadan. Instead of Roux Louka, he finds Kamille Bidan on the Zeta Gundam. He also again fights Judau Ashta when he comes to rescue Leina. Eventually, Glemy confronts Roux Louka in the Zeta Gundam.

In his second story mission, Glemy works to fight through the pain, and fights against Puru and Puru-Two. During the fighting, Glemy has a rematch with Roux and tries to get her to come with him. He then gets his revenge on Haman for lying to the Zeon people.


Glemy is considered to be a troubled pilot who desires to resurrect the Zabi family.


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In the third game, players can start relations with Glemy after clearing the Those Who Pass By chapter: Graceful Mother Earth, then read the message "Could this be my chance!?".

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