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Gongsun Zan's army (公孫瓚軍) is a force led by Gongsun Zan during the formative years of the Three Kingdoms era. In earlier Dynasty Warriors titles, the soldiers of this faction are adorned in green whereas Dynasty Warriors 6 has them wearing yellow. In the PSP port of Dynasty Warriors, Gongsun Zan's army is visually represented by the color white. However, they are decked in purple in the seventh game and onward.

After the end of Dong Zhuo's tyrannical reign, Gongsun Zan fought with Yuan Shao in an attempt to seize control over northern China until the former's demise in 199. Romance of the Three Kingdoms describes his army as a brigade of cavalrymen known for their herds of brilliant white horses. Several sources say that these horses were originally used by Gongsun Zan as a tactic to ward off the Qiang and Xiongnu tribes due to their sacred belief regarding these creatures. Despite sharing the same last name, they have no relation to Gongsun Yuan or any of his relatives.







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