Character Information
Allegiance(s): Ziya
Initial Weapon:
Blue Cloud Sword (one handed sword)
174 cm (5'9")
64 kg (141 lbs)
First Appearance: Fengshen Yanyi 2
Voice Actor(s):
Mythological Information
Real name: Hǎitáng
Chinese/Japanese: 海棠
Also known as: Kaidou
Hae Dang(해당)
Divine name(s): n/a
Original character.

Haitang is a character who can join Ziya in Fengshen Yanyi 2. Before he formerly joins the main party, he narrates fragments of the world's legends to the player.

Role in GameEdit

Haitang is a mysterious traveling minstrel who is fascinated with ancient legends and mythology, which he recites by playing his three-stringed harp. Believing that legends hold several hidden truths within their words, he wanders to various places to explore what the world has to offer. During one of his performances, Hualing actively listens to his words regarding tao.

Although Ziya warns her to ignore the stranger, Haitang offers to help the party and selfishly tags along. He willingly helps the main party expand their world map. Whilst observing Ziya's party, he deems them worthy of his support due to their conflicts with savage beasts. Despite the young leader protests, Haitang joins their travels. He believes their journey holds the answers to the legends he admires and wants to personally indulge his curiosity. Throughout their journey, he offers explanations to the spectacles they experience based on his knowledge from legends.

Once their adventure ends, Haitang gives his thanks to Ziya and company. Their journey helped fill in the gaps in legends and create a new song dedicated to Ziya. The tale of the human world and the celestial realm separating is one he dubs "Fengshen Yanyi".


A quick learner bestowed with a thin veil of majesty, Haitang enjoys Ziya and his companions. While he fights beside the party, he prefers to be a friendly observer to the events they experience. He can't help but enthusiastically explain whatever mysteries they confront, happy to provide exposition as though they were in a living fairy tale. His rants and rambles are unappreciated by the short tempered Ziya and Huang Tianhua, but Hualing enjoys his chatter.

Fighting StyleEdit

Haitang attacks foes by hitting them with his sword. He is not meant to be an offensive party member, as a good majority of his AI is dedicated to defense or healing. He can assist the party by singing, which may randomly increase the party's attack or defense. Since he seems to have an endless amount of magic, he can become a good party healer during the times when Lilan departs from the party.

His combination attacks are damaging sound waves, magically played as a melody in battle. He can perform a group attack with Li Lan, Wen Zhong, and Deng Chanyu.

If he is in the battle party and is running on the field, he will randomly start a conversation. These conversations act as secondary footnotes or explanations regarding the party's location.

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