Hajime Kuon (久遠 一, Kuon Hajime) is a Japanese announcer best known for being the leading MC for every Neoromance live stage event, eighteen years straight. He voices Luis Frois in Kessen III and Katakura Sukojyurou at Otomari de Sengoku Musou in Tateshina ~Date no Shou~.

Little else is publicly known about Kuon, but his formal attire and witty, jovial banter with the voice actors during these events has earned him an active fanbase with regular attendees. His unrevealed private life has led to many inside jokes about him. A common joke has a new fan ask, "Who's this guy?", while an old fan can only answer, "Kuon Hajime. Or Mr. Kuon." Kuon first became aware of the positive reception for his professional work by reading the enthusiastic viewer commentary on Koei-Tecmo LIVE!, embarrassed when many pleaded for him to read a romantic quote like the Infini members. Since then, he provides mild fan-service on stage.

One of the lobby events before the live shows for Neoromance ♥ Festa Neo Angelique Arcadia Carnival 2 was a competition between Kuon and Infini for Valentine's Day chocolates given to them by attendees. While he had a promising early lead, Kuon came in second place with 210 chocolates.

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