Character Information
Series Appearance(s): various
Allegiance(s): varies
First Appearance: Dynasty Warriors: Gundam
Voice Actors:
Tabitha St. Germain (EN)
Satomi Arai (JP)
Hathaway Noa holding a standard Haro.

Haro (ハロ) is a series mascot for the Gundam franchise and the animation company, Sunrise. A small circular robot, Haro serves many purposes in its many Gundam appearances in several continuities. It can be a pet robot, a friend, an information storage unit, or a robot programmed to perform a specific function. A Haro can appear in various shapes and colors, but it is well known for having "flapping ears", vocal functions, and lighted eyes. Haros often speak simple lines or sentences, often concerned for its respective master. They can be programmed to be nice or mean, depending on the iteration.

Mission ModeEdit

Throughout the games in the series, Haro appears as an all restorative item players can find after defeating enemies. When collected, a Mobile Suit's Armor Rating, Thruster Gauge, and SP Gauge will be completely restored. During the second and third title, Haro appears during the loading screens. It can also talk during the latter two titles. As Haro lands on its circle during loading screens for the third title, players can press Circle to make the game emit a ringing sound. Haro will also bounce a little quicker. If players hit 25-26 in a row, a completion sound indicate this and it will slow down to allow them to start again.

During Mission Mode in the second title, Lacus may appear to ask the player's character to help look for her pink Haro. After they locate and defeat the thief, Lacus thanks them for their help. As she and her Haro pray for peace, they invite a group of ally forces to the field. Since Haro wants to help, Lacus stays to support the player's side. Lacus's Haro can also be seen in the game save icon for the PlayStation 2 version, as a super deformed Musha Gundam Mk-II balances on top of it. It can be seen during the Game Over screens or as the marker for the forces' Tension bar during battles.

To unlock Haro as an Operator in the third title, players have to finish the Memorial Mission, "10,000 Mobile Suits Shot Down". Similar to Knight Gundam and the DLC characters, Haro doesn't have an entry within the Character Gallery and won't have Friendship tiers with the playable cast.


  • "Haro, Haro!"
  • "Focus!"

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