Hiroshi Okamoto (岡本 寛志, Okamoto Hiroshi, born August 27, 1977 in the Nara Prefecture) is a Japanese voice actor who is currently affiliated with Aoni Production.

Okamoto originally wanted to be a professional athlete. He trained rigorously during his first year in high school, but he suffered a grievous injury during the same year. Okamoto tried to recover after his surgery, yet he would never reach the same physical peak. He didn't have any plans for college until his third year of high school when he watched Whisper of the Heart. He felt empathy for the main protagonist, which led to his whimsical interest to pursue a career in animation. At first, Okamoto didn't have a particular goal for his career, but, after years of job hunting and emotional support from his parents, he decided to receive voice actor training at the Tokyo Animation Research Institute. After two years of training, he chose to audition for Aoni Production over a theatrical group and has since been with the agency. He feels he barely made the cut, but Okamoto is grateful to have found a career he likes. Hideo Ishikawa has gave him advice and tips throughout his career.

Shortly after his debut, he was chosen to be one of the performers for B's Log's young actor unit, Boy's Beat; he was the leader of the first group. He has made several appearances in the magazine's drama CDs, radio shows, and other media targeted towards the female audience, so he has a small following of female fans. He voiced many minor characters in the entertainment industry and started to receive major parts in recent years. A few of his roles are Haruya Kobayashi in Marginal Prince, Valen Kesslar in Dragoneer's Aria, and Rei in Dragon Collection.

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