Hody Jones
Hordy Jones Pirate Warriors 3
Character Information
Allegiance(s): New Fishman Pirates
April 14th
30 (debut)
331 cm (10'10¼")
Fishman Karate
Voice Actors:
First Appearance:
Non-playable character.

Hody Jones (ホーディ・ジョーンズ) is the captain of the New Fishman Pirates. Years prior to the story, Hody Jones was in the Neptune Army. He framed a human pirate for murdering Otohime, disliking the idea of peace. Years after, Hody sought to carry on the ideals of Arlong and prove Fishman are superior. He conceived a plan to overthrow King Neptune and take over Fishman Island, then rebuild the Ryugu Kingdom with himself as the ruler. Luffy and Jinbei worked together to defeat Hody Jones and stop his plans. After being imprisoned in the palace, he was reduced to an old man.

He first appears in the third game as a non-playable character.

Role in GameEdit

In the third game's Dream Log mode, Hody will often accuse Hatchan of being a traitor to his race forcing Jimbei and the player to render assistance. He will sometimes team up with Arlong in an attempt to revive the Sun Pirates unless stopped at once. In the DLC Stage, Whitebeard vs. Sun Pirates, Hody leads a massive anti-humans alliance against the Whitebeard Pirates at Fishman Island. He also has the assistance of Caesar Clown and Gecko Moria


Hody Jones arrogantly believes that Fishman are superior over humans.


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Fighting StyleEdit

Hody Jones uses Energy Steroids to make himself stronger. On his back is the fin sword, Kirisame. At swimming speeds, he can cut through. Sometimes, he may detach Kirisame to fight like a sword. In addition, he can use a trident.

Hody is also a user of Fishman Karate.

Attack ListEdit

  • Normal Attack: Hody Jones swings his left fist right, then does a hopping kick, a heel drop, an upward kick, then finishes with a dashing palm thrust.
  • Strong Attack: Hody Jones swings his trident left, then right, then diagonally forward.
  • Energy Steroid: Hody Jones bites on an Energy steroid and enhances his strength temporarily. After a few seconds, he will feel painful symptoms and be vulnerable to attack.
  • Shark Pack: Hody Jones sends hordes of water sharks in an arc towards enemies.
  • Shark Grip: Hody Jones grabs and crushes an enemy before tossing him/her away.
  • Water Shot: Hody throws a single drop of water like a bullet.
  • Shark Arrows: Hody jumps and sends bullets of water down on enemies.
  • Shark Brick fist: Hody rears his right hand back and gives a powerful punch that blows back enemies.
  • Level 1 Musou: Kirisame: Hody Jones sets his Kirisame sword on his back, then roll jumps forward slashing anyone in the way.
  • Level 2 Musou: Sea Drums: Hody Jones throws up some water then punches, causing a shockwave around him to knockback enemies.
  • Taunt: Hody stomps and raises himself then swings his trident.

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