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Honganji Rioters
Historical Information
Main Objective: Holy crusade against Nobunaga
Estimated Numbers: over 500,000 (speculative)
Start: September 1570 (approximate)
End: August 1580
Major Figure(s): Kennyo, Junkōji Jitsujō, Shimozuma Rairen
Major Battle(s) Nagashima, Kizugawaguchi

The Honganji Rioters is an umbrella term for the organized mobs who opposed Nobunaga on religious grounds. They may be dubbed Honganji (本願寺) or after their main base of operations, Ishiyama-Honganji (石山本願寺), the temple which was run by Kennyo.

Ishiyama-Honganji has been stationed for generations in Osaka and shared close ties with the capital. Its traditional influence alone was a force to be reckoned with, capable of calling thousands to arms against the notorious-yet-inaccurately-regarded-atheist Nobunaga. Their forces were often a combination of peasantry, monks and sympathetic rural warlords. During their wars, the Honganji joined forces with the Saika Renegades, Miyoshi, Saitō, Uesugi and Mōri.

The other umbrella term for these mobs, the Ikkō Ikki (一向一揆), is an older term used for rebellious monks and refers to rioters who were not entirely aligned with Kennyo for their revolts. Koei's interpretation of the mobs often merges them with the Honganji since Ishiyama-Honganji's abandonment in 1580 signaled the end for all other religious driven riots against the Oda.


Other Figures[]

  • Shōnyo - Kennyo's father. Political ties before riots ensured the temple's influence in the imperial court.
  • Kyōnyo (Kōjyu) - Kennyo's eldest son. Fought beside his father in the riots. Disowned before Ishiyama-Honanji's fall but allowed to resume temple duties years later on Hideyoshi's orders.
  • Kenson - Kennyo's second son. Assisted his father's orders. Colluded with Mōri Terumoto for supplying forces.
  • Junyo (Kōshō) - Kennyo's third son. Allowed to return to Osaka with Hideyoshi's permission.


  • Nyoshunni - Real name unknown. Rokkaku Sadayori's wife, Sanjo Kinyori's daughter, elder sister of Takeda Shingen's first wife. After her husband's death, she was a nun until her approved remarriage to Kennyo.
  • Asakura Yoshikage's daughter - Kyōnyo's wife.


  • Suzuki Shigeyasu
  • Sugiura Gendō
  • Junkōji Jitsujō
  • Kubota Tsunetada
  • Shimozuma Raikei
  • Shimozuma Raishū
  • Shimozuma Raijun
  • Shimozuma Raiji
  • Shimozuma Rairyū
  • Shimozuma Raishō
  • Shimozuma Raidan
  • Shimozuma Rairen
  • Shimozuma Hyōgo
  • Shimozuma Kōrai
  • Shimozuma Chūkō
  • Shōi
  • Shichiri Yorichika
  • Saikōji Sennen
  • Kōjōji Kenson
  • Kōjōji Kyōgyō
  • Kōkyōji Kensei
  • Ganjōji Shōkei
  • Shōuji Ryūjyaku
  • Kinjyokuji Shōe
  • Chōshōji Jitsuryō
  • Shōukōji Kenshō
  • Uno Mondo
  • Zuisenji Kenshū
  • Awatsu Motozumi

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