Character Information
Allegiance(s): Ziya
Initial Weapon:
Five Dragon Wheel (twin bladed rings)
130 cm (4'3")
29 kg (64 lbs)
First Appearance: Fengshen Yanyi 2
Voice Actor(s):
Tomoko Kaneda
Mythological Information
Real name: Huālíng
Chinese/Japanese: 花鈴 - 花铃
Also known as: Karin
Hwa Yeong (화영)
Divine name(s): n/a
Original character.

Hualing is the second female member to join Ziya in Fengshen Yanyi 2. She is the daughter of her tribe's leader, Huang Shikai.

Role in GameEdit

Hualing is a demon of a proud remote tribe. When she was seven, Da Ji called upon her clan to revolt with her. However, her family refused and decided to retreat into the mountains to live peacefully. Therefore, they were able to escape the seal created by Taigong Wang from the previous title.

By the time Ziya finds her, she cries for someone to save her from the new type of monsters created by the Nine Dragon Sect, the Savage Beasts. When she's rescued, she has an immediate liking for Ziya and leads him and Lilan to her village. She leads them to help Huang Shikai and her tribesmen, whom face more Savage Beasts. After her father roughly tells them the whereabouts of the Nine Dragon Sect in the mountains, he tells them to leave at once. Hualing doesn't agree with her father's crudeness and runs away from home to join Ziya. During the journey, she announces the flow of tao -mysterious energy of the world- with her heightened demon senses.

After Taigong Wang and Ziya perform the final sealing on King Shou, Hua Ling is forced to depart from Ziya. Together with Huang Shikai, she returns to her respective world.


Energetic and peppy, Hualing displays her emotions honestly and with confidence; it's easy to tell when she is angry, sad or happy. Perhaps because she looks the most human among her tribe, she has no trouble emphasizing with humans. She particularly likes Ziya and affectionately praises him as "brother".


  • "Let's go!"
  • "I can do it too!"
  • "Wah~! I don't wanna!"
  • "Which one of us can hit that one first?"
  • "Hit that one, Ziya!"
  • "Wow, Ziya! You're so cool!"

Fighting StyleEdit

Hualing fights by either throwing or swinging her weapons at foes. She is not the strongest attacker in the party, but her speed helps her keep up with others in the long run. Her attacks are easy to combo with and, since she has a naturally high liking towards Ziya, she will likely volunteer to combine her strengths with him often. She cannot equip paopei that attack multiple enemies and is limited to equipping offensive types, so her spell casting abilities are limited.

Her combination attacks are light based and they often have a floral motif to them. She and Ziya can perform special combination attacks with Ne Zha and Lei Zhenzi. She also participates in the all women helper attack.

If she is in the battle party and is running on the field, she will randomly find treasures for the party. She also has the ability to paralyze enemies in battle.

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