Jack Pirate Warriors 4
Character Information
Allegiance(s): Animal Kingdom Pirates
September 28th
830 cm (27'3")
Devil Fruit:
Zou Zou no Mi, Model: Mammoth
Devil fruit powers
Shotel blades
1,000,000,000 Beli
Voice Actors:
First Appearance:
Also known as Jack the Drought. Non-playable character.

Jack is one of Kaido's Disasters and an All-Star of the Animal Kingdom Pirates. He is the designated ruler of Kuri. One of his known acts was trying to conquer Zou for Kaido, but Inuarashi nekomamushi and the Minks battled him for five days until Jack was forced to retreat.

Jack then tried to extricate Donquixote Doflamingo who had suffered a grueling defeat at the hands of Luffy, but failed. He then attempts to conquer Zou again and was driven back by Kozuki Momonosuke.

He is known as jack the drought because whenever he passes through an area it is left in a decade ruined state as if it suffed an actual drought.


Violent and short-tempered, Jack would threaten to decimate entire cities that do not surrender to him. He would blame the citizens for the city's destruction saying it was their own fault for not obeying his demands. Jack is not open to negotiation or peace talk and grows angry when people try to reason with him. He's also reckless as he was willing to battle 4 ships worth of marines including an admiral and the former fleet admiral. 


  • "I'll trample you!"
  • "Let's get started! I'm itching to destroy stuff."
  • "You can spout your nonsense in hell!"
  • "Let's continue the destruction..."
  • "No resistance..."
  • "Die and rot away..."
  • "You're the right hand of one of the Four Emperors... But that's just a title."
  • "You're not on my level. You should know that, Mink."
  • "We'll take this territory off your hands!"
  • "I don't care who you are, you're not taking this area..."
  • "You came here to be destroyed by me?"
  • "We'll turn this area into a wasteland!"
  • "You're not gonna have this territory! Try and take it from me if you've got a death wish!"
  • "Not bad at all..."
  • "Hmph, I'll give you some credit..."
  • "Excellent, Kaido! You're in a different league! It's scary!"
  • "Impressive... No one else can rule the ocean like you, Kaido!"
  • "You..."
  • "Be a useful underling."
  • "Time to teach you that my powers are the strongest, even among the rarer Zoan types!"
  • "It doesn't matter who I'm facing, I'll destroy them all!"
  • "Doflamingo! If you can't be useful to Kaido, then die!"
  • "No... How...?"

Fighting StyleEdit

Jack fights in a large mammoth-life form and can use his trunk for a whip or stomp his paws on enemies.

Attack ListEdit

When fought as an NPC, Jack fights using his mammoth form.

  • Jack lets out a loud stunning noise from his trunk.
  • Jack shifts his body right or left to smack enemies.
  • Jack raises his frontal legs and drops them hard, making a shockwave to damage enemies.
  • Jack drops himself onto his butt causing a shockwave to damage enemies.
  • Jack runs forward with his trunk lowered, then swings it diagonally upward to lash enemies then hammers the trunk.
  • Jack slings his trunk out. If he grabs an enemy, he slams him/her on the ground four times.


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