Jesus Burgess
Burgess Pre Timeskip Pirate Warriors 3
Character Information
Allegiance(s): Blackbeard Pirates
December 25th
27 (debut)
29 (after timeskip)
355 cm (11'7¾")
Hand to Hand Combat
Voice Actors:
First Appearance:
Also known as "Champion". Non-playable character.

Jesus Burgess (ジーザス・バージェス) is the helmsman and captain of the First Ship of the Blackbeard Pirates. At Mock Town, Burgess serves Marshall D. Teach hunting for the 100 million beli pirate. At Impel Down, Burgess helps his captain gather recruits for his pirate forces. In Dressrosa, he is one of the competitors for the Flame-Flame Fruit.

Role in GamesEdit

In the third game, Burgess attacks the Thousand Sunny at Jaya. He almost succeeds in devouring the Flame-Flame Fruit, when it is taken by Sabo who was thought to have died.

During the DLC stage Heroes of the Coliseum, Burgess serves as one of the opponents for Bellamy and the player, and eventually their ally. In the DLC version of the Marineford War, he nearly threatens the Whitebeard Pirates.


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Burgess is the loudest of the Blackbeard Pirates, often gloating that he is the Champion.

Fighting StyleEdit

Jesus Burgess fights using superhuman strength and Busoshoku Haki. His best known technique is the Hado Elbow, shooting a shockwave out of his hand.



  • Burgess only wears his Pre-Timeskip outfit two times within Legend Log mode. He will always be seen in his Post-Timeskip outfit in Dream Log mode.

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