Jozu illust
Character Information
Allegiance(s): Whitebeard Pirates
November 11th
40 (debut)
42 (after timeskip)
503 cm (16'6")
Devil Fruit:
Kira Kira no Mi
His Devil Fruit powers
Voice Actors:
Takashi Nagasako
First Appearance:
Also known as "Diamond" Jozu. Non-playable character.

Jozu (ジョズ) is the Whitebeard Pirates' 3rd division commander. At the Marineford War, Jozu managed to block Mihawk's projectiles with his diamond body. He was horrified when Whitebeard was betrayed by one of his allies. Jozu attempted to assist his friend Marco, but one of his arms was frozen and broken off by Aokiji. After he was thawed out, he attended Ace and Whitebeard's funeral.

Role in GamesEdit

In One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2, Jozu races to save Vista from Teach's Frenzy Dial mind control.


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Fighting StyleEdit

Using the Sparkle-Sparkle fruit, Jozu is able to turn his body into diamonds and do increased attacks. He could also pick up a giant ice block.


  • Jozu and Minotaurus's moveset is partially borrowed from a generic club enemy.
  • His giant ice block attack is borrowed from Lapins's.

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