Jumpei Tsuda (津田 順平, Tsuda Jumpei) is a technical programmer who is known as one of the earliest pioneers for Japanese video game physics. He does extensive research and development for video game infrastructures. He has worked for Koei since 1993 and is currently Senior Expert of the Technical Support Unit.

Even back in the SNES days, Tsuda was known for designing and creating in-house algorithms and AI programs for future projects. When the company began to transition into 3D, Tsuda fine tuned his ideas for AI and tools and libraries. Among the programs he used for this endeavor was the 3D modeling software Psyclone Solid. To better simulate natural human movement, he made and developed a full body capture system called "Project IK Engine," which predated modern motion capturing methods. Tsuda has spoken about his invention and about the future of technological development at CEDEC and other industry related conferences. He continues to develop and support new programs for the company.

Tsuda believes his job as a programmer is to "breathe life" into a project, just like an artist or sound creator. He commented that the technological possibilities for video games are broadening into new and exciting horizons.

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