Junko Noda (野田 順子, Noda Junko, born June 29, 1971 in Naniwa-ku, Osaka) is a Japanese freelance voice actor and vocalist. Her known family includes one older sister. She desired to specialize with voice acting since her youth and was introduced to Aoni Jyuku by Ryōtarō Okiayu. Though he would not remember it, he gave her a pamphlet for the program. Soon after she graduated from her studies, she experienced a rough debut period of fighting for her roles. Her hobbies include taking walks and pursuing musicals. Since she likes to sing, she has participated in opening and ending themes for various anime shows, participates in several musical units, and released original vocal CDs. Her nicknames with her fans include "Noda Jun" and "Jun-chan".

Noda voices young boys or mature females throughout her career. A few of her voice roles include Tatsuki Arisawa in Bleach, Dio Eraclea in Last Exile, and Taro Sega (male protagonist) in Segagaga.

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