Character Information
Allegiance(s): World Government
August 7th
23 (debut)
25 (after timeskip)
193 cm (6'4")
Devil Fruit:
Ushi Ushi no Mi
Model: Giraffe
Four Sword Style
(utilizes both arms and legs)
Six Powers
Voice Actors:
First Appearance:
Non-playable character.

Kaku (カク) is the youngest member of CP9, an organization of the World Government created with the authority to kill any who oppose the law. He is the second strongest member of the group. Like other members of his group he infiltrated the company of reputed shipwrights, Galley-La Company, in an attempt to obtain blueprints for a mass weapon of destruction named Pluton. During his brief undercover stint Kaku examines the Straw Hats' worn down ship, Going Merry, and accurately judged the ship to be beyond repair and on its last legs.

When Robin is held prisoner at Enies Lobby, Kaku opposes Zoro in a grueling duel. In spite of activating his new Devil Fruit powers to gain an advantage in range, Zoro emerges triumphant. To honor his opponent's strength, Kaku hands Zoro the key to Robin's handcuffs before passing out.


When he was undercover Kaku seemed to be a sunny realist. He adopts a colder and proud disposition once his affiliation is revealed. In spite of his serious image change, many characters ridicule his giraffe form for its oddity and absurdity. He comically remains steadfast in his love for it in the face of the insults he suffers. Kaku's distinguishing traits are his cap and his eccentric habit of speaking like an elderly man.


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Fighting StyleEdit

In his human state, Kaku displays remarkable agility and jumping capabilities. He seemed versatile enough to defend himself with any weapon at hand. His giraffe form allows him to grow another pair of legs for attacking. He can also extend and shorten the length of his neck, arms, and legs at whim. By doing so, he can perform quick evasion tactics and retaliate by stretching his body parts forward. Surprisingly his giant animal form doesn't hinder his speed, making his Four Sword Style tricky to predict and counter. Many of his attacks after gaining his Devil Fruit powers follow a giraffe naming motif.


  • Normal Attack: Nose Pistol: Kaku swings his swords two times, then does two hopping slashes, then thrusts his giraffe nose.
  • Strong Attack: Tempest Kick Spinning White Blade: Kaku thrusts his nose, then stretches his neck out to attack, then dives forward while spinning his swords.
  • Fierce Smash: Kaku thrusts his nose five times while moving forward.
  • Giraffe Scythe: Kaku twirls and swings his giraffe neck hard enough to knock enemies away.
  • Tempest Kick Giraffe Shower: Kaku swings a shower of Rankyaku into the air, then they rain down on enemies.
  • Musou 1: Extreme Nose Pistol Giraffe Blast: Kaku rears his neck back, then thrusts his nose hard into enemies four times, then finishes with a long thrust.
  • Musou 2: Tempest Kick Sky Slicer: Kaku spins around quickly in a circle while standing on one hand, using his elongated neck to gain extra momentum and spin faster, and then performs Rankyaku with both legs to create a circle shaped Rankyaku which radiates outward.

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