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Karen Render (BS).png
Character Information
Faction: Unaffiliated
Unit Type:
Dual swords
Weapon Type: Sword and dagger
Request Mission(s):
Training the New Guys
On Guard
A Timely Delivery
Cart of Gold
A Sister's Words
Voice Actors:
Yukari Hikida (JP)
Original character.

Karen (カレン) is a fictional character featured in Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War. She is one of the many mercenaries the player meets early on.

Role in Game[]

Originally from England, Karen makes her way to France to make money by fulfilling contracts with numerous clients. Even veteran mercenaries are wary of getting in her way when money is on the line. Upon receiving a letter from her sister, the protagonist discovers that she has been sending her income to her younger siblings who are now alone after their mother passed away from illness. Filled with grief deep down, she attempts to put on a smile and redoubles her efforts in doing more work.

Bladestorm: Nightmare[]

In Bladestorm: Nightmare, Karen is one of the mercenaries hired by Philippe le Bon to hunt down the player for supposedly consorting with monsters. If Yoshimasa is nearby, he may persuade her to back down. After realizing the player's innocence, she admits her suspicions about the strange things going on within the armies of England and France. This gives the group a clue that an outside power is manipulating the kings against their will.

While Karen helps Prince Edward escape the dragon-infested Normandy, she notices a merchant in need of assistance. Hoping to make some extra money, the female mercenary comes to his aid while disregarding the dangers surrounding her. If Karen dies during the rescue attempt, she will curse herself for giving in to greed. But should the player intervene in time, they automatically recruit her as a squad member.

Character Information[]


A motherly figure to those around her, Karen's personality changes when in pursuit of money. While seemingly greedy and cutthroat when fulfilling contracts, she needs a steady source of income to support her family. In stark contrast to her friends Diane and Georges, Karen is also a rational and patient individual. It is implied that she harbors feelings for Yoshimasa as seen through their interaction with one another.


  • "Damn it all! You arrived here before me?"
  • "This cannot be...my money!"
  • "Well then, it seems it is time to make some money!"
  • "Hmm, you are not yet up to the task of facing me. Perhaps in another century or two."
  • "Thank you for the reinforcements!"
  • "Yes, that is what I want to see! Destroy them all!"
  • "If we do not fight, we do not eat. It is a straightforward equation."
  • "On to the next poor unfortunate!"
  • "It appears I have journeyed as far as I can..."
  • "I shall soon be a wealthy lady indeed!"
  • "Ha ha ha... This area is ours!"
  • "Preparations are complete. Now attack!"
  • "Stand and face the enemy! Earn your right to fight alongside me!"
  • "It is money that people such as us risked their very lives to earn. Ne'er would we suffer this to be taken."