Kazuhiro Fujishige (藤重 和博, Fujishige Kazuhiro) is a video game programmer and producer who has worked for Koei since 1993. He is currently the Managing Executive Officer for the Entertainment Division and formerly the Lead Manager for the Kou Shibusawa brand.

According to his own account, Fujishige had absorbed himself in soccer and part-time jobs during his high school days. When it came time for him to consider his future career, he was aiming to become a salary man until he read a dream proclamation that he wrote when he was in middle school. His younger self was engrossed with NES games and expressed a wish to get into programming. The idea clicked with Fujishige and heartened him to study software development for his college degree. Fujishige is amused by the odd way he encouraged himself to his current profession.

A conference for KOEI was being held on his campus, so Fujishige wrote his registration for it on a postcard –a method which he laughs is charming but would not work today. About 100 of his programming colleagues applied and were present. Kou Shibusawa personally gave a presentation and shared his wish to have KOEI become "the world's best software maker." Out of those who attended, only he and one other colleague decided to follow up on the offer. Fujishige took the chance due to his lifelong love for video games and Three Kingdoms history. He still enjoys soccer and plays for the company's soccer team.

Fujishige's current company focus is the social game market. He advocates for all developers to always prepare an abundance of content before launching any project. It's his personal goal to never give up while always striving for "new and improved" ideas.

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