Keiichiro Yamamoto (山本 圭一郎, Yamamoto Kei'ichirō, born December 12 in the Ibaraki Prefecture) is a Japanese voice actor currently affiliated with Aoni Production. He graduated the Tokyo division of the agency's vocational program, Aoni Jyuku, and has been with his benefactors since 1999. His talents are motorcycling and cooking.

A few of his roles are Gnome in the Tales of series, Kamen Rider Hibiki in Kamen Rider: Climax Heroes, and Tajima in Clannad ~After Story~.

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  • Neoromance ♥ Festa Featuring Shiseikan Koukou Op. 2
  • Neoromance ♥ Festa Featuring Shiseikan Koukou

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