Kensuke Inage (稲毛 謙介, Inage Kensuke) is a Japanese sound creator and music composer. He attended the music course at Shobi University and studied under Isao Tomita while attending to his education. From Tomita, he learned many tips and necessities for synthesized sound editing. In 2003, he started using the MAX/MS for his programming sessions and was hired by Koei in 2005.

Since most of his work requires arranging and fine-tuning sounds, Inage works hard to stay true to the spirit of the original sound composer. If not the original composer, then at least the tone set by previous Koei titles. For instance, he strongly believes the musical motif for any Dynasty Warriors title should always be hard rock, and he therefore preserves MASA's original guitar recordings as much as he can. In the case of Samurai Warriors, he states that the orchestral themed songs are better suitable due to the Sengoku Jidai setting made famous by various Nobunaga's Ambition titles. He has also done contractual work for Gazan Watanabe.

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Inage has been credited for composing or arranging music tracks for the following titles (listed chronologically by game's first release date).

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  • Computer Entertainment Developer Conference 2014 Japanese Instruments Promotional Committee

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