Character Information
Allegiance(s): Hilmes
Cavalry General (formerly)
Zandeh (son)
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Kharlan (カーラーン) is a secondary antagonist in The Heroic Legend of Arslan and a non-playable character in Arslan: The Warriors of Legend.

Kharlan is a cavalry captain of Pars who is reputed for his loyalty. Before the Lusitania invasion, Hilmes confided his true identity to him to coax his defection at Atropatene Plains, contributing to the king's unprecedented defeat.

For his efforts, Kharlan is named Hilmes's muscle and commander of the Lusitania army. He leads a massive unit to hunt for Arslan, ravaging the Parsian countryside until he is foiled by Narsus's ploy. During his duel with Daryun, Kharlan perishes shortly after he is accidentally impaled on his own spear. His son later inherits his position.

Role in GameEdit

Daryun kills Kharlan in battle in the main story mode.

The Free Mode's In Arslan's Special Training, Kharlan sends his troops to hunt down Arslan, and report back to him. In Liberation of Maryam, Kharlan fights alongside Kubard. In Clash with the Parsian Army, Kharlan sends his forces to attack Gadevi and is pushed back by Jaswant.

He serves as co-star in the DLC stage, Father and Son Struggle with his son.


Kharlan is a prideful man who believes in absolute devotion. No deed is beneath him if it is for his master. In his eyes, he has never defected from the Parsian throne and any naysayers are the true betrayers. Though his ties to Lusitania are a ruse, Kharlan shows shades of regret and confusion when his own countrymen turn their backs to him. He naively believes Daryun can be reasoned to join Hilmes's cause.


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Fighting StyleEdit

Kharlan shares the spear moveset but uses a unique Special Attack. He swings his spear in circles four times then pierces it forward.


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