Kin'emon Pirate Warriors 4
Character Information
Allegiance(s): Kozuki Family
January 29th
295 cm (9'8")
Devil Fruit:
Fuku Fuku no Mi
Devil Fruit powers
Voice Actors:
Also known as Foxfire Kin'emon. Non-playable character.

Kin'emon is a samurai retainer to the Kozuki Family and father of Momonosuke. Kin'emon and the Nine Red Scabbards were known for leading an unsuccessful revolt against Kurozumi Orochi. As punishment, Kaido had burned down Oden Castle. Kozuki Toki sent Kin'emon and his comrades are sent twenty years to the future to formulate a plan to regain Wano.

He then becomes allies with the Straw Hat Pirates.

Role in GamesEdit

At times in the fourth game's Treasure Log mode, Kin'emon will test players in the skill of the samurai by defeating selective enemies.


  • "Taste my blade!"
  • "Proceed forward!"
  • "I'm giving my all to this fight!"
  • "All forces, retreat! Let's go, as fast as we can!"
  • "This is just the beginning!"
  • "I will be the one to defeat you!"
  • "Let's go!"
  • "I'll burn it down!"
  • "Don't look down on my abilities!"
  • "I'm not done yet!"
  • "I detest pirates!"
  • "The Foxfire Style is the strongest!"
  • "I can cut through any flame! My opponents have no chance."
  • "My apologies, I know that I owe you... but I claim victory for now!"
  • "Prepare yourselves, Animal Kingdom Pirates! Taste the power of a true warrior!"
  • "I'll take over!"
  • "Well fought!"
  • "Strong, as ever! Your help is invaluable to your crew!"
  • "I'm in your debt!"
  • "I can't take this anymore!"
  • "You may be an enemy, but that was excellent."
  • "This is hazardous..."
  • "I'll cut you down in an instant!"
  • "This is how you repay me... Then we shall fight!"
  • "If I win, would I be able to sleep on your lap?"
  • "I have failed..."
  • "Do you see now? These are my sword skills!"


Kin'emon follows the code of Bushido. He would often reject help from others. However, Kin'emon is not without honor.

Fighting StyleEdit

As a swordsman, Kin'emon utilizes Kitsunebi-ryu, which can use one or two swords to cut through fire. He can also empower his swords with Haki.

Attack ListEdit

  • Kin'emon does a fiery upwards slash.
  • Kin'emon moves his sword to his shoulder then dashes swiftly forward with a hard sword thrust.
  • Kin'emon jumps into the air and lands with a slash leaving fire surrounding him.
  • Kin'emon sheathes his sword then dashes two times with blinding slashes to enemies
  • Kin'emon does four zigzag slashes..
  • Kin'emon readies his two swords, then unleashes three slashes of fire at enemies.
  • Kitsunebi-ryu: Karyu Issen: Kin'emon rolls through the air and finishes with a hard fire slash.
  • Kitsunebi ryu: Homura Saki: Kin'emon sheathes his sword, then strikes with a horizontal fire slash, then a vertical fire slash blowing back enemies.

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