King Dodongo

King Dodongo - HW

King Dodongo OoT - HW

Character Information
Fire-Breathing (HW)
Infernal Dinosaur (OoT)
Useful Weapon Skill:
VS Dragon
Useful Combat Items:
First Appearance: Hyrule Warriors

Fire-Breathing King Dodongo (轟炎凶角竜キングドドンゴ, Gouen Kyoukaku Ryū Kingu Dodongo) is a recurring boss in Hyrule Warriors. He originated from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Role in GameEdit

In Cia's storyline, two King Dodongo's are summoned by Volga's forces in order to thwart the witch's assault. Despite the overwhelming strength of both monsters, they are eventually defeated by her.

The creature later appeared during Volga and Wizzro's attempted siege of Hyrule Castle; he was used to distract Impa and her troops so that Wizzro could infiltrate the castle on his own. The Ocarina of Time variation of King Dodongo is seen at Lake Hylia when the fake Princess Zelda summons him to demoralize Darunia's forces. He can be fought multiple times in the game's Adventure Mode


Boss AbilitiesEdit

King Dodongo is a massive figure that can easily take up half an entire keep's space. He uses his whole body to inflict physical damage while burning surrounding targets with fire breath attacks; because of his attack pattern; players may find it risky to attack him directly from any angle.

His moves consist of body slams that cause shockwaves, a powerful ram to scatter surrounding units, and a fierce roll attack. Hitting him from behind will cause him to rear up and counter the player with a slash from his foreleg while turning around. King Dodongo has two types of fire breath attacks at his disposal: the first one behaves like a flamethrower which moves according to the monster's positioning while the second one is a large fire ball released after breathing in for a short moment of time.

Counter StrategiesEdit

King Dodongo's attack cues are easy to read, though his attacks make it difficult for players to damage him directly from all sides. When the monster is taking in air to launch his fireball attack, throw a bomb in his mouth to stun him. This will cause its weak point gauge to appear and allow the player to damage him severely.

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