King Wutugu
ROTK12 Wu Tugu
Character Information
Force(s): Nanman
Weapon Type: Sword
Great sword (8)
Unit Type: Barbarian
Significant Battle(s):
First Appearance: Dynasty Warriors 3
Historical Information
Real name:
Chinese name:
Style name:
Chinese name:

King Wutugu (onyomi: Gotsutotsukotsu) is a fictional officer who served under Meng Huo and was king of the land of Wu Ge (Wuguo). He is portrayed as "an extremely large man" who wore scale armor mixed with oil. This helped make the Nanman armored troops and made sure weapons could not penetrate the armor. He is also considered the tallest warriors in the Three Kingdoms series.

Before Dynasty Warriors 8, his name was spelled as Wu Tugu.

Role in GamesEdit

Throughout the Dynasty Warriors series, Wu Tugu will torment players in the Nanman campaign with special armored troopers. Arrows will not work against them, though they are weak to fire as a result of their armor's composition. In Dynasty Warriors 4, Zhuge Liang plans a counterattack that involves fire arrows, while Dynasty Warriors 5 he instead plans a countermeasure with explosives.

In Dynasty Warriors 8 he has a unique model that towers over everyone else.

His appearance in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series is gifted with high LDR and WAR, more so than most of his Nanman peers. Unfortunately, his INT is among the lowest in the whole game, making him very vulnerable to strategies. His personal skill in the eleventh title is unique to him and halves the damage received  by tactics and normal raids, but doubles the damage received against fire attacks. When King Wutugu is paired with another officer with high INT in an army, he is a force to be feared.

In Kessen II, Wu Tugu is officially described as a heavily muscle man who trained in the mountains and fought with gorillas. Riding at Zhu Rong's request with his elephant army, he is a rough general who doesn't like to think out his actions for battle. He speaks with monstrous sounding grunts and harsh words in his Japanese appearance. Like the rest of the other Nanzhong natives, he stays in his homeland to guard the peace in their queen's absence.

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Romance of the Three KingdomsEdit

When Meng Huo struggled against the Shu forces during Zhuge Liang's southern campaign, Wu Tugu and his men came to the rescue and overwhelmed Shu. He however pushed up too far into the Shu camp, where Zhuge Liang had laid gunpowder and preparations for a fire attack in Panshe Valley. He burnt to death when the bombs were ignited and his oil armor caught fire.


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