Chapter 1: The Oath In The GardenEdit

Yellow Turban Menace: Han Vs. Yellow TurbansEdit

Cao Cao will be attacking from the west while Sun Jian assaults from the east. As part of the volunteer forces, the player can assist any side they want. Start off by taking out Gao Sheng, who guards the south gate. After that, Liu Bei's forces normally move to join up with Sun Jian's forces. Although the player can join Sun Jian, they may wish to aid Cao Cao due to his closer position. The battle should not be too difficult since enemy morale is initially lower.

After the three generals attacking the gate entrances are defeated or if any of the allied units approaches the north side of the castle Huangfu Song is in, Zhang Liang will summon a rain storm within the castle itself. Huangfu Song will pay no heed to it and start advancing. As he passes through the stream, He Yi will appear with his ambush to eliminate him. Go over to your commander and help him out, as He Yi's morale will be equal to or greater than Huangfu Song's, so ignoring the ambush can easily lead to defeat.

Once He Yi is defeated, help Cao Cao or Sun Jian if either one is still surrounded by foes. After Huangfu Song exits the castle, Yan Zheng will appear as the second ambush party. Defeat him and the commander will no longer be in any danger. Upon approaching Zhang Liang, he will activate the geysers to hinder the main forces. Quickly defeat him to end the battle. If every other Yellow Turban officer, including Zhang Liang's sub-officer Han Xian, has been defeated, Zhang Liang will attempt a withdrawal if he is not currently engaged by Han troops.

Yellow Turban Fortress: Han Vs. Yellow TurbansEdit

Cao Cao will charge out from the east and Sun Jian will advance to the west. Since Cao Cao is much closer, go and head for He Yi. After defeating him and approaching the circular path, strong winds and enemy troops will stop the main forces. Upon reaching the end, three windmills can be seen; knock them down to stop the winds. Now if you decide to help Sun Jian in the west then you will encounter a phantom army after you enter the fortress. Near the south are two large cauldrons that give the army its power. Tear up the cauldrons and the ghost army will disappear. Once you reach the castle in the south, Cheng Yuanzhi will the be the last general between you and Zhang Bao. Defeat him to gain entrance into the castle and put Zhang Bao out. If the enemy Gate Captain near Zhang Bao is sealed first after all the other Yellow Turban officers have been defeated, Zhang Bao will withdraw. Defeat him before he can escape.

Yellow Turban Rebellion: Han Vs. Yellow Turbans Edit

Clearing the two previous battles will omit Zhang Bao's geysers or Zhang Liang's rock slide for this stage, but only if they were defeated before they could escape. As always, Cao Cao will move north to the east land to engage Bo Zhang and Deng Mao, and Sun Jian will move north to the west area to engage Zhang Man Cheng and Guan Hai. Liu Bei will attack the center and join the other two forces once he can, though he normally joins up with Sun Jian once Pei Yuan Shao has been defeated. In case you did not defeat Zhang Bao in the Yellow Turban Fortress, he will be in the west area and use the flame geysers on your forces. Also, he will walk over his own geysers to try and get to you so use that to your advantage. Defeat him and keep heading for the north. Now if you did not clear the Yellow Turban Menace, then Zhang Liang will be in the east. The power he will use is more deadly than Zhang Bao's flame geysers. He summons rocks to come rolling towards you. Though they can be dodged, they can still take a chunk out of your life. Once Zhang Liang is defeated, keep heading for the north. Now if you did not face neither Zhang Bao or Zhang Liang, it will be a walk through the park. Once you reach the final path towards Zhang Jiao, he will summon exploding rocks to roll down the path to crush your forces. Defeat him to end the scenario.

  • Note: If you defeat all generals, sub-generals, and gate captains, Zhang Jiao will initiate retreat, which will cause you to battle him later in the game (albeit he'll be much stronger).

Shu Tales: Return of the Yellow TurbansEdit

Eliminate Zhang Jiao: Liu Bei's Forces Vs. Zhang Jiao's ForcesEdit

  • Commanders: Liu Bei Vs. Zhang Jiao
  • How to get it: Complete the Shu mode once then replay it again and choose the Yellow Turban Rebellion first. Allow Zhang Jiao to escape by defeating all the officers and generals on the field.

As always, your job is similar to the Wei and Wu mode if you have played their story and came to this battle. Liu Bei will act as supreme commander; Guan Yu will halt Zhang Lu's army while Zhang Fei guards the south gate. It is wise to defeat all enemies around the southwest part of the map, which should consist of Bo Zhang, Pei Yuan Shao, and a few other remnant troops. Once you assist Zhang Fei in eliminating enemies around the southwest gates, Zhang Lu will appear, and make his way to Zhang Jiao's position. Allowing him to coincide with Zhang Jiao will spell disaster for your forces, as they will combine their sorcery to turn Guan Yu and Zhang Fei (as well as all the troops) against Liu Bei, and with the resulting decrease in morale, it won't be long before Liu Bei is decimated. Defeat Zhang Lu's troops, but not Zhang Lu himself, as he is simply a phantom, and will teleport closer to Zhang Jiao everytime he's defeated, increasing Yellow Turban morale. Once Zhang Lu is dealt with, make your way to the enemy commander. Zhang Liang will summon winds that will halt your advance to the commander, and those will cease only when Zhang Jiao commences a less powerful sorcery. This will turn all troops less than the rank of Elite Guard against your forces, but will result in significantly less morale loss, leaving less worry about Liu Bei being defeated (Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, and surrounding guards won't be converted). Make your way up to Zhang Jiao, and defeat Zhang Liang on the way up. Destroy the 3 cauldrons to rid the sorcery, and Zhang Jiao will be easy pickings.

Chapter 2: Alliance against Dong ZhuoEdit

The Attack of Si Shui Gate: Allied Forces Vs. Dong Zhuo's Forces Edit

Go and defeat the two enemy generals Guo Si and Li Ru, then head towards the rear entrance of the enemy supply depot. Fan Chou will be there to confront intruders with his sub-officer Wang Fang, so eliminating him is a must. In case the supply depot has not been taken, be ready to attack Si Shui Gate when it opens up. March towards the gate or to Cao Cao's position to help him out. Once the enemies and their reinforcements have been defeated, take out Li Jue or allow him to retreat. Also, beating Hua Xiong will prevent him from appearing the final battle; furthermore, taking the supply depot will allow Sun Jian to attack in the next battle, however, if you did not take the supplies in the last battle then the Tiger of Jiang Dong will hold his forces back.

Battle of Hu Lao Gate: Allied Forces Vs. Dong Zhuo's ForcesEdit

  • Commanders: Yuan Shao Vs. Dong Zhuo

If you've taken the supplies from the last battle then Sun Jian will make his way to Hu Lao Gate. Now if you did not and he was routed, then he will hold his unit back. Each force will engage a gate held by enemy forces: Sun Jian will target Qing Long Gate, guarded by Li Meng and Guo Si, Cao Cao will target Zhu Qiao Gate, guarded by Xu Rong and Li Ru, and Liu Bei will target Xuan Wu Gate, guarded by Gao Shun and Zhang Liao (Dong Min if Zhang Liao is already unlocked as a playable character). Li Ru will try to stall Cao Cao with an archer ambush, but it's nothing he can't handle. Also, the Allies get a morale boost at the start of the stage if Si Shui Gate was completed and the supply depot taken. Make your way to Hu Lao Gate by defeating Zhang Liao/Dong Min, who guards the north gate. After a couple of minutes have passed, a siege ram will appear and head for Hu Lao Gate. Take care of the Guard Captains near the gate to allow the ram to tear down Hu Lao Gate. Once you've enter the small courtyard, Lu Bu will make his entrance and begin slaughtering allied soldiers. As always he will challenge you to a duel so either accept his challenge and beat him or ignore him and head for Diao Chan. Defeat her to gain entrance into the city of Luoyang while Dong Zhuo's men set the city on fire. At this point it is an easy battle for you; however, if you did not go to the first battle then Hua Xiong will appear at the main camp and attack Yuan Shao. Once most of the enemy officers have been dealt with, either defeat Lu Bu to cause Dong Zhuo to retreat or personally eliminate Dong Zhuo, though he tends to run for it once his health is low enough.

Shu Tales: Guan Yu's EscapeEdit

Guan Yu's Escape: Guan Yu Vs. Xiahou Dun's UnitEdit

  • Commanders: Guan Yu Vs. Xiahou Dun
  • How to get it: In Act I, skip straight to the Yellow Turban Rebellion. At Si Shui Gate, do not enter the supply depot and wait till Yuan Shao says, "Is there no one who can defeat Hua Xiong?" Defeat him afterwards, then at the Battle of Hu Lao Gate, allow Dong Zhuo to escape. Defeating Lu Bu to get Dong Zhuo to escape is optional.

Playing as Guan Yu means that protecting the carriage becomes a top priority. Ride ahead of the carriage using a fast horse and defeat the enemy generals blocking the path. After passing through the third gate, Xiahou Dun will arrive and pursue Guan Yu. After crossing the fourth gate, an ambush party will appear; defeat them to defend the carriage. Wang Zhi will retreat once the ambush is unsuccessful. Once Xiahou Dun catches up, deal with him and go straight for the riverside to clear the stage.

Shu Tales: Heroes of the HanEdit

Battle of Ru Nan: Liu Bei's Forces Vs. Cao Cao's ForcesEdit

  • Commanders: Liu Bei Vs. Cao Cao
  • How to get it: Complete the Shu story once and then replay it. In Chapter 2, select Hu Lao Gate first, do not face Lu Bu and defeat Dong Zhuo.

At the start of the battle, you will notice that Liu Bei and Zhang Fei are not too far from each other. If you choose to start as Zhao Yun or Zhang Fei then rush over to Liu Bei. Upon reaching him, defeat Li Dian to allow Liu Bei to head for the northern part of the land. Xiahou Yuan will make his grand entrance in the far east next to your gate captain after a couple minutes. Defeat him and head for the west area of the map. Zhang He will be waiting for you just outside of the city so defeat him and Guan Yu will appear moments later. After you defeat Xu Zhu and Yu Jin inside the castle, Xiahou Dun will appear just north outside of the city once the north gate opens. Put him out the way and you will be on your way to meeting with Yue Jin and Cao Cao. Liu Pi will appear later on in the battle after 10 minutes to offer his support, but you will have no difficulty in the end. Defeat Cao Cao and the sworn brothers will be reunited with a new general to their party.

Chapter 3: Flight of Liu BeiEdit

Battle of Bo Wan Po: Liu Bei's Forces Vs. Cao Cao's Forces Edit

  • Commanders: Liu Bei Vs. Cao Cao

This battle is easy and quite fun since this is Zhuge Liang's first time helping you. All you got to do is follow his instructions and you will gain the advantage over the enemy throughout the battle. Start off by luring Xiahou Dun near you. Once he falls for the taunt, lure him back to the path where Zhuge Liang has instructed you to be at. Although Xiahou Dun may see you as a coward, you will prove him wrong about that. Once he is there, Zhuge Liang will launch a fire attack on Xiahou Dun's unit depleting his numbers. Liu Feng will join in the surprise attack to lend a hand; defeat Xiahou Dun and Han Hao will make his move. Now Zhuge Liang wants you to bring him to the ambush site. You know what to do. Once Han Hao has been caught in the trap, Guan Ping will appear to give you a hand. Eliminate Han Hao and await for the final order by Zhuge Liang. He will tell you to lure the last enemy general (Yu Jin) to another location where the final ambush is lying in wait. The final ambush party will be lead by Guan Yu, who is powered up for this fight, indicated by the orange lightning surrounding him, and once Yu Jin is defeated, Cao Cao will launch an all-out attack on your forces. Zhuge Liang will hope Zhang Fei cooperates in the end, but you do not have to worry about that. After a couple of moments pass, Zhang Fei will appear at the supply depot and burn the supplies. With everything going as planned, Cao Cao will no longer have the means to repel Liu Bei's forces. Eliminate Cao Cao to end the stage. Also, by completing all the instructions here, Cao Cao will be much weaker for the next battle as he won't have his sub-officers with him; however, if the Battle of Chang Ban has been cleared first, then Liu Bei's forces will receive a morale boost here.

Battle of Chang Ban: Liu Bei's Forces Vs. Cao Cao's ForcesEdit

  • Commanders: Liu Bei Vs. Cao Cao

Begin the battle by eliminating Xiahou Dun. With him out the way, Liu Bei will start moving down the far east path. While you wait assist Zhao Yun by taking out Xiahou De and his officer to cause less pressure. After a while, Cao Cao will arrive with the main camp to crush Liu Bei; however, by clearing Bo Wan Po first, Cao Cao won't have his sub-officers to assist him, thus making him much weaker so escape will not be impossible, but if you want to eliminate him then go give him a smack upside the head. Zhang He will be further down the path in the east so get rid of him so your character can do his famous scream that will halt Cao Cao's army. At that time, you will receive a message saying Liu Chan is still trapped within the castle. If you decide to rescue him then you will get a scene of your character receiving the child if you open the box while riding a horse. Also, by coming to the aid of Liu Chan, you will have hundreds of thousands of Cao Cao's soldiers coming at you. Once you've done that return to the two bridges located at the south and after you cross them, your character will destroy them to halt the enemy advance. After a long duration of battling, Guan Yu with Guan Ping and Liu Qi's ships will arrive to support Liu Bei. Now you can feel much safer. Eliminate one of the generals that guard the south gate and Liu Bei will be home free, though you can take out their sub-officer as he attempts to retreat after losing his general. Also, by rescuing Liu Chan, Zhao Yun will arrive in the chapter's final battle as reinforcements.

Battle of Chi Bi: Allied Forces Vs. Cao CaoEdit

  • Commanders: Sun Jian Vs. Cao Cao

Head for Pang Tong's position and take care of Xu Shu. With him out of the way, Pang Tong can now chain together Cao Cao's fleet. After a few minutes pass, Zhao Yun will arrive with reinforcements to backup Zhuge Liang who is at the altar trying to summon the wind. As you approach Zhuge Liang's position, Yu Jin will launch a surprise ambush on Zhuge Liang so get over there and bail him out. Li Dian will also be not too far away so go ahead and get him out the way. Once both generals are defeated, you can take your anger out on the other enemy generals as you wait for the wind to blow.

While waiting for the wind, go ahead and clear the center bridge. After enough time has passed, Zhuge Liang will have called forth the wind or not depending on whether the player assisted him in time. Once that is done, he will retreat from battle and Huang Gai will begin his mission. At the same time, Zhen Ji will head for his position, so give her a touch on her back side with your weapon. Upon Huang Gai's arrival, he will scan the area then launch the fire attack. If Pang Tong's ploy managed to have work then the army of Cao Cao will receive tremendous damage; however, if you did not allow any of the ploys to work then Cao Cao's army will use a fire attack on the allied forces, but only if Cao Cao's sub-officer, Jia Xu, is still in the battle. Anyway, with Cao Cao's army now nearly missing, go ahead and put him out the way to win the battle.

Chapter 4: The Three KingdomsEdit

Battle of Luo Castle: Liu Bei's Forces Vs. Liu Zhang's ForcesEdit

As the battle begins, Pang Tong will run into trouble when Zhang Ren's archers start attacking him at Luo Feng Po. Use a horse to rush towards his position and help him escape unscathed. Once he is safe, continue your march towards the south area of the land. Aid your comrades in the south by eliminating Deng Xian and Leng Bao. Cross the bridge and take care of Yan Yan. Zhang Yi and Liu Han will be guarding the east gate so knock them out of the way as well. With only a stones throw away, Zhuge Liang will arrive with reinforcements in short time while two other generals (Yang Huai and Gao Pei) will appear after a couple of minutes and head for Liu Bei's position. Take care of those two before they fall upon Liu Bei. During the battle, Pang Tong will mention something about capturing Zhang Ren. Time to follow his words. When he gets close to the castle, He will say, "Hey! Isn't anyone going to challenge me!?" Zhang Ren will take the bait and open both the south and east gates. Upon their meeting, Zhang Ren will have a cut scene with Pang Tong. As Pang Tong flees in retreat, Zhang Ren will follow in pursuit. Once Zhang Ren has crossed over the Jian Yan Bridge in the south, destroy the bridge to trap Zhang Ren and defeat him. After he has been captured, head back to Luo Castle and defeat Liu Zhang. Also, by helping Pang Tong stay alive, he will appear in the next battles. If the Campaign for Jing is done first, Guan Yu will arrive with Zhuge Liang's reinforcements, while early in the battle, Lei Tong and Wu Lan will arrive to try and reinforce Liu Zhang's forces by taking out the allied Gate Captain in the southwest of the map where Zhuge Liang and Guan Yu show up. Keeping Pang Tong alive in this battle will have him come as reinforcements in the Campaign for Jing sometime after Guan Yu's arrival and be part of the Campaign of Cheng Du as well.

Campaign for Jing Province: Liu Bei's Forces Vs. Cao Cao's ForcesEdit

Head for Liu Du's fortress; along the way, Xing Daorong will appear as an ambush party. After Liu Du is routed, Zhao Yun will head for Zhao Fan while Zhang Fei will attack Jin Xuan. Head to either one of the enemy generals' fortress and defeat him. Once one of them is routed, Cao Ren and Xiahou Yuan will appear as the second ambush party and march for Zhuge Liang's camp. If you did not choose Liu Bei to be the leader for this battle then you must save Zhuge Liang before he is defeated in battle otherwise you will lose. Once you save him, return back to the other fortress that you did not take (Either Jin Xuan or Zhao Fan). After a while, Guan Yu will arrive with reinforcements to aid. When taking Jin Xuan or Zhao Fan's fortress, Jin Xuan will ignore the pleads of his sub-officer to surrender and charge, challenging you to a duel when you encounter him, while Zhao Fan sees smart and prepares to surrender, but his sub-officers refuse to give up. Once they're routed, Zhao Fan will order his troops to stand down and he'll withdraw. After a couple of minutes, Pang Tong will also arrive with additional troops yet he will be a bit late, but only if you did Luo Castle first and kept him alive there. (Might as well make the most of it.) With only Han Xuan's fortress left, it is now time to take it to him. The only problem is Huang Zhong and Wei Yan. If you defeat Huang Zhong first then he will withdraw from battle only to be scorned by Han Xuan near the end of the battle. As the old veteran meets his end, Wei Yan will save him from death and you will have two new generals to your party. Also by doing this, Han Xuan will be defeated instantly and the battle will be yours; furthermore, completing this stage will cause Yang Huai and Gao Pei to appear in the last battle.

Campaign of Cheng Du: Liu Bei's Forces Vs. Liu Zhang's ForcesEdit

  • Commanders: Liu Bei Vs. Liu Zhang

There is an easy way to get Liu Zhang to surrender, but if you want to beat the crap out of him go for it. Anyways, start off and head for the forest. If Pang Tong survived the attack on Luo Castle, he will be in this battle to tell Zhang Fei to use caution as he enters the forest as he smells an ambush. Also, Zhuge Liang will tell you about the ambush party located south of the forest. Your job is to lure Li Yan's unit in that direction. When you approach Li Yan, he will challenge you to a duel, so decline and start retreating back to the position where Zhuge Liang instructed earlier. Upon Li Yan's arrival, Guan Ping will appear and attack, causing Li Yan to lose all of his morale and his powered up state. Take out Li Yan and you will have successfully captured him. In order to get Liu Zhang to surrender, you must NOT APPROACH Liu Xun's position until all other officers and generals are defeat saving Liu Xun for last otherwise enemy reinforcements will appear. With that being said in mind, let us continue. Liu Xun's has four officers in the forest so take them out. After you've done, go back to Luo Castle and head for the south. You will encounter Liu Han and Deng Xian's officers so take them all out leaving only Liu Xun for last, though it might be easier going for Liu Han and Deng Xian first, then Liu Xun's sub-officers. At that time you will receive a message about Liu Zhang considering surrender. After the message appears, head for Liu Xun and the enemy reinforcements will appear. Ma Chao with Ma Dai, Yang Huai, and Gao Pei will appear and head for Liu Bei's position, but Yang Huai and Gao Pei will only appear if the Battle of Luo Castle was skipped. Note that if Ma Chao has been already unlocked as a playable character, Pang De will take his place. Either way, head back to the castle and help Liu Bei out at once. Defeat Ma Chao/Pang De last after you've manage to eliminate all the other generals. Once you defeat Ma Chao, he will have a cut scene as you convince him to join your side. If everything went as expected then Liu Zhang will fully accept the idea of surrender and you will have won yourself the battle, being treated to a cutscene of Liu Zhang apologizing to his men as he gives up and orders the gates to open so he can step out to surrender to Liu Bei.

Shu Tales: The Fury of Ma ChaoEdit

Battle of Tong Gate: Liu Bei's Forces Vs. Cao Cao's ForcesEdit

  • Commanders: Ma Chao Vs. Cao Cao
  • How to get it: Select Cheng Du first. Defeat Ma Chao when he appears as reinforcements. If he is unlocked then defeat Pang De when he comes as reinforcements for Liu Zhang.

The player's first objective is to defeat the generals in the southern part of map. Cao Ren will be guarding the ice fortress' gate that lies just south of Cao Cao's main camp. Xu Huang and Cao Cao will use a bridge layer to cross over to move from the northeast. At the same time, the enemy will try to get Han Sui to join their side. As long as Han Sui has high morale, he will not defect. In case that does happen, then you will have to return to Ma Chao's side to help him. After 13 to 14 minutes have passed in the battle, Zhang Fei and Pang Tong will appear to offer their support to Ma Chao. Also, if you've managed to get 250 K.O.s or more than a warrior from Cao Cao's army shall join the battle to assist him if his relationship is high with the character. (Watch out for those characters by the way. They can drop you morale real fast.) Close to the end of the battle you will have a cut scene where the Shu soldiers see some horses. Eventually this will lead to a morale drop, but you will be more than strong enough to defeat Cao Cao.

Chapter 5: The Fall of WuEdit

If Zhuge Liang did not summon the wind, then Wu will be the first kingdom players face. (Note: If playing the Nanman Campaign as Liu Bei, he will be commander instead of Zhuge Liang.)

Battle of Fan Castle: Shu Forces Vs. Allied ForcesEdit

  • Commanders: Guan Yu Vs. Cao Ren

To start things off, eliminate the gate captain at the front to open the west gate. Just in the south land, Zhou Cang will be trying his best to get in so rush over there and take out the enemy gate captain. Pang De will attempt to intercept intruders within the castle. Also, Jiang Qin from Wu will sneak behind the Shu army's rear. As he encounters Mi Fang and Fu Shi Ren, the two Shu generals will decide to defect to Wu. Not to mention, they will be spreading false rumors throughout the ranks, causing troops to defect. Lu Meng, Zhou Tai, and Lu Xun will attack from behind as well. Not to mention Xu Huang will arrive to offer his support for Cao Ren. First, eliminate Mi Fang and Fu Shi Ren that way your army will slowly come back into formation. Next, take care of the Wu generals to get them off your back. Once they are dealt with, continue your march into Fan Castle and finish off the Wei generals to claim this battle. Completing this battle will cause reinforcements to arrive in the next stage.

The Nanman Campaign: Shu Forces Vs. Nanman Forces Edit

Start off by eliminating Yong Kai's officers first before taking him out. By doing this, Ahui Nan and Dong Tu Ne will quickly defect to Zhuge Liang's forces. Meng Huo will not be too far away from Yong Kai so go and put him down for the first time. Next, head for Jinhuan Sanjie's position and eliminate him. Meng Huo will appear here again so go ahead and knock him down again. (HINT: Although you can take out the gate captains near your commander, they will respawn every time Meng Huo appears. Moreover, the more you take them out, the better your commander will be safe.) As you advance further towards the next area near Dong Tu Ne, Meng Huo will make yet another grand entrance for the third time. Take care of him and his officer. After you either go back to help out Zhuge Liang or advance further into the territory, Meng Huo will make yet another appear. The only way to have Meng Huo's stars down to zero is by beating his officers as well. After you advance far into the Nanman territory, Yang Feng will appear, but you won't be able to get to him since a blockade is stopping you. After a certain amount of time has passed in the battle, reinforcements will arrive in the north of the camp. Also, Yang Feng will defect to your side and clear away all the blockades, but only if you defeat Meng Huo when he appears for the fourth time.

Some time early, raging elephants will appear to hinder the player. After Meng Huo arrives for the fifth time, he will initiate a duel upon being encoutnered. Once Meng Huo has lost yet again, Zhu Rong will make her move. Defeat her when she offers to challenge you to a duel. As you approach the south, you will find the poisonous swamp that I spoke about. One of the officers will run away, but that doesn't stop the rest of your forces. Once again Meng Huo appears for the sixth time and you slap him upside the head for the sixth time yet again. As you move towards the south, you will notice two paths. On the left is King Mulu and Wu Tugu is on the right after you manage to defeat King Duosi. After a few minutes pass by, Meng Huo will appear this time at the main camp ready for his final stand. On the right of the path, Wu Tugu has a special unit with armor that is strong against blades and arrows. Zhuge Liang will use a plan on him so give him the time he needs. Once the plan is complete, Zhuge Liang will have archers use fire arrows to eliminate Wu Tugu and his unit. Once the fortress opens up, head on in and take care of any officer left then defeat Meng Huo. The Nanman King will have a conversation with Zhuge Liang and he will finally surrender to Shu. Also, defeating Meng Huo will cause him to appear in the final battle to help you; however, if you came here first and attacked Fan castle second, Guan Yu will have the Nanman armor troops that Wu Tugu uses as his own unit.

Battle of Yi Ling: Shu Forces Vs. Wu ForcesEdit

  • Commanders: Liu Bei Vs. Sun Jian

As you start off, eliminate Taishi Ci and Jiang Qin as soon as possible. Once you've done that head for Lu Meng and put him down as best as you can. It may take you a while since he is charged up. After a couple minutes have passed, you will receive a message from Zhuge Liang saying to tighten up security around the watch towers; however, if Zhuge Liang is in battle at the beginning, you will see an interesting conversation between Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang, and Zhao Yun. Once you hear about the fire attack, it will be your choice to either let it happen or stop it from occurring.

If the fire attack is successful then Zhou Tai and the two Qiao sisters will appear as ambush parties. Liu Bei will retreat into the castle and shut the gates. After this happens, the Zhou Tai and the two Qiao sisters will head through the stone sentinel maze. Once you managed to clear the stone sentinel maze yourself or if you kept attacking near the front area where Lu Meng was at, Zhuge Liang will appear later on with a waterway that leads straight for Lu Xun and Sun Jian. Also, if you defeated Meng Huo seven times in the last battle then he will show up here to offer his support to the Shu army. In case you did prevent the fire attack, head for Ling Tong's position and send him running home. Once you cross the bridge and reached the inner camp, Zhou Tai with the Two Qiaos will launch a surprise ambush attack on the player's forces. Head back and deal with them then march forward and crush Lu Xun and Sun Jian.

Shu Tales: Dong Zhuo LivesEdit

Battle of Han Zhong: Shu Forces Vs. Dong Zhuo's ForcesEdit

  • Commanders: Player Vs. Dong Zhuo
  • How to get it: Clear less than 10 stages. In Ch 2 let Dong Zhuo escape and in Ch 5 pick the last battle.

Anyways, as you might have noticed you are the only one on the battle field. One general vs. a wave of soldiers and 8 generals under Dong Zhuo's command. All you got to do is defend the two forts here and you win. Sounds simple huh? Both forts will be attacked at the same time so you may want to have a set of bodyguards for this battle that are at the Dragon level. Also, you might want to accept all duels unless you think you can defeat each general without having to do so. Later on, Ma Chao and Yue Ying will arrive as reinforcements so you won't be entirely alone. Keep up the defense for each fort and you will rise to victory.

Shu Tales: Tian Shui ProdigyEdit

Battle of Tian Shui: Shu Forces Vs. Wei ForcesEdit

  • Commanders: Zhuge Liang Vs. Wei Generals
  • How to get it: Select the battle of Chi Bi first for Ch 3 then ensure that the summoning of the wind is not successful.

Follow Zhuge Liang's order by not entering the castles and defeating all the generals outside. Once they are gone, Jiang Wei will be admonished for not joining the attack. Once he opens up the castle, defeat his officers while saving him for last. Ma Zun will consider Jiang Wei a traitor at this point so escort Zhuge Liang towards him once he makes his move. After a cutscene, Jiang Wei will defect to Shu. When you receive word about Jiang Wei's agents inside the other castle, expect a surprise to occur.

Final Chapter: The End of the Three KingdomsEdit

If the wind prayer at Chi Bi was successful, Wei will be the player's first opponent. (Note: If playing Jie Ting and Wu Zhang Plains as Liu Bei, he will be commander instead of Zhuge Liang.)

Battle of Mt. Ding Jun: Shu Forces Vs. Wei Forces Edit

  • Commanders: Liu Bei Vs. Xiahou Yuan and Cao Cao

Xiahou Shang is a bit close behind the main army. Facing him means running the risk of being trapped behind enemy lines. Be wary of the crossbow units within the area. With Chen Shi back, it is now time to take the fight to Wei. After arriving near Huang Zhong's position, defeat Xiahou De to gain control over Mt Dingjun. Huang Zhong will charge down to take out the enemy commander so join him. Xiahou Yuan will come rushing towards him while Zhang He makes a comment about it. Once Huang Zhong becomes isolated, bail him out by defeating Zhang He and Xiahou Yuan. Once they are gone, Cao Cao will arrive with reinforcements, but it won't matter at this point. Sometime later, Zhao Yun will arrive only if Huang Zhong is still struggling against Xiahou Yuan and Zhang He. If not then you are well on your way to winning this. Defeat the remaining officers and generals then push Cao Cao back into the hills.

Battle of Jie Ting: Shu Forces Vs. Wei ForcesEdit

The main goal of this battle is to rescue Ma Su, eliminating enemy generals along the way. Upon approaching Zhang He, he will set fire to the south gate, forcing the player to find a detour towards Ma Su. Overall, defeat the officers and generals around the summit and it will be an easy victory for you in the end. Also, if you have Liu Bei for this battle then he shall assume command.

Battle of Wu Zhang Plains: Shu Forces Vs. Wei Forces Edit

  • Commanders: Zhuge Liang Vs. Sima Yi and Cao Cao

If you have Liu Bei in this battle then you won't have to worry about losing. Start off by getting rid of Cao Pi and his officer. Once you've done that head for the north and open up the gate; however, you can choose not to advance north just yet and clear out the other side to make it more easier on your forces. Anyways, Zhen Ji will be guarding the northeast path with Sima Zhao using his bomber squads on you. Defeat them both and advance further north to witness a cut scene with your character and Sima Yi. On the west side of the map, Cao Hong with his officers will be just before Zhang He. Defeat them both to meet with Zhang He and his crossbow men. Zhuge Liang will use the arbalests to combat the archers and give you a clear path to Zhang He. Defeat him and be ready for the Shu forces surprise.

After a couple minutes, Zhuge Liang will fall to the earth dying during his campaign. Sima Yi will catch wind of the Shu army's retreat and come charging out. Wei Yan will ignore the plan, but do not mind him. As Xiahou Yuan approaches, defeat his officers and give him a smack to his face. Once Sima Yi arrives near the center field away from the north gate of the Shu camp, he will see Zhuge Liang is alive and well. Jiang Wei will also be right there with him, but only if he's already unlocked, otherwise, it will be Zhuge Liang's wife, Yue Ying, and Sima Yi will turn back for the north. Take your anger out on them and keep an eye out for surprises. Upon Sima Yi's arrival at the north, Cao Cao will appear and his assault units will arrive at the west and east of the Shu camp. Defeat the parties and head for the north to deal with Cao Cao and Sima Yi.

Final BattleEdit

The final battle will only appear on the last chapter and will vary depending on which kingdom the player fought last.

Battle of Xu Chang: Shu Forces Vs. Wei Forces Edit

  • Commanders: Liu Bei Vs. Cao Cao

Head for Cao Xiu and Zhen Ji's position and defeat them to open up the lower gates of Xu Chang. Next head up north from there and defeat either Xiahou Dun or his officer, Man Chong. (You will see what happens later on.) After a couple of minutes, a siege ramp will appear to give your army complete access to the castle. If you defeated Xiahou Dun, then you won't have to worry about it. If not then make sure you get at least Cao Hong, as that will secure the siege ramp's survival and deployment. With the siege ramp on the field, Sima Yi will have an assault party led by Xu Zhu and Cao Zhang appear near the fortress at the back. Yue Ying will say protecting the ramp will be a better choice while another general will say if the fortress falls then it will be hard to hold them. If you've eliminated Xiahou Dun or Cao Hong earlier than you won't have to worry about the siege ramp. Saving that fortress is more important. Once you've done that, head back to whatever you were doing. If you manage to stop the problems then Sima Yi will be shocked.

As you see Wei soldiers retreating into the castle, you will already know that Sima Yi is up to something since Zhuge Liang said so. As you receive a message, you will notice that it says the courtyard is full of gunpowder? Time to leave. If you can't get out in enough time then just stay away from the middle. Once the gates are all closed. Sima Yi will blow the courtyard straight to hell. Cao Cao will seal off his strong hold so now you won't have to worry about the trouble of relentless soldiers. Sometime later, an assault party led by Jia Kui, a sub-officer under Cao Cao, will once again appear and head for the rear fortress. You can go back and attack to make sure it won't fall, but it should be fine. In case you came in through the castle from the southeast then expect Pang De to ambush you. Also, you will see spike barriers guarding the path into the castle at the entrances. Defeat the Guard Captains and you will have one less thing to worry about. Defeat the remaining generals and officers then head for Sima Yi and Cao Cao to crush their ambition. Also, Cao Cao will have some strong bodyguards to beat ya so be careful.

Battle of Jian Ye: Shu Forces Vs. Wu ForcesEdit

  • Commanders: Liu Bei Vs. the Sun Family

This battle is similar to the Wei and Nanman mode, with the only difference being the two playable Shu officers taking the left and right flanks while a generic officer takes the center, so don't expect anything else new. The Sun Jian clones will attack. Beat them up. You defeat one of the generals in the fortresses and the Sun Family attacks. Defeat the other generals and send the Sun Family to the Heavens in this order: Sun Jian, Sun Ce, Sun Quan, and Sun Shang Xiang.